Saturday, January 10, 2015

Late January of last year I hung up my fifty one and a half year career as a scenic designer. I had worked in theater, opera, television and designed several exhibits and special events in Boston.  My last design was for the opera "Anne Hutchinson"* for which Fritz and I had also written the libretto.  With its two sold out performances Intermezzo, The New England Chamber Opera closed its doors after a dozen years of producing American and some European works, all of them in English and all rehearsed as theater. 

The company had commissioned at least ten new operas.  I was resident designer and also a member of the Board, which met to consider various successors to the company's founder and general director who had created a gem of creativity and artistic collaboration that had attracted some of the finest of Boston's singers and musicians.  The Board was unable to find anyone who we thought capable of continuing the company's mission and felt that with the success of "Anne Hutchinson," the company should go out on a high note as it were.  As I had by that time developed a whole new set of interests and activities, including speaking for a variety of groups on various aspects of opera, I decided to make a clean break in my career as well.

The big new activity for me, however, was that I was voted onto the Board of Directors of Monadnock Music which produces a distinguished summer music Festival in historic churches and meeting houses throughout south central New Hampshire in July and August.  The Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary next summer.  I'm designing a series of ten exhibit boards to tell the story of the Festival from a variety of different viewpoints.  It's a really great challenge and I'm happy to be designing again.    

Saturday, January 03, 2015

A very Happy, Healthy New Year of 2015 to everyone!

Yesterday I saw a "rock" on the hillside I'd never seen before. Investigation revealed a paper hot air balloon that came down, happily, without setting the dry leaves on the hill on fire because then the whole woods would probably have gone up in flames. It's made of four paper panels with a metal ring on the bottom supporting some sort of flaming device that had singed the paper skin.

It does not look home-made. One panel says "2014 F*** it."  The other side has what look like New Years resolutions: Go to 6 flags; Stop biting nails; Explore the City; Learn the banjo; Dance more; Let's see dem muscles; Stress less; Learn a new Sport.  There was no name or contact info asking to know where it was found.   

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