Thursday, January 23, 2014

We're in the technical and dress rehearsal week ("production week") for the opera on Anne Hutchinson that opens on Saturday night.   Things are going very well.  We have a wonderful cast, beginning with the noted contralto Marion Dry for whom we wrote the libretto as Fritz felt (quite rightly) that she would be perfect for Anne.  As her nemesis, Governor John Winthrop, the powerful baritone David Kravitz is stupendous in his tirades against a woman who dared speak her mind.

The story of Anne's 1637 banishment from Boston in the Massachusetts  Bay Colony is intensely dramatic and a well-known fixture of local history to this day (her statue on Beacon Hill on the State House grounds specifically calls out her importance as a leader in advocating for religious freedom.  Her biographers also hail her a s the first feminist in the English American colonies and the unorthodox nature of her marriage -- she and her husband worked out an equal, cooperative arrangement that flew in the face of the dominant husband, purely domestic wife model that was universal at the time -- has been called the model for marriage in the U.S. in the post-Puritan era.

Anne Hutchinson is the second opera for which Fritz and I have suggested the subject and written the text.  The first, which premiered in May of 2011, was on Isabella Stewart Gardner, the Boston social rebel and arts patron, and gay-friendly supporter of quite a few painters and composers.  A totally free spirit, she flew in the face of old Boston Society.  In her later years she fulfilled a long-held dream of her's and her late husband's to build a museum for the massive and very important art collection they had amassed over the years. 

With operas based on these two important female leaders to our credit, We seem to be in the midst of our "uppity women of Boston cycle.  We'll see whether or not there will be any interest in our adding a third work in the future.

What's this...a new blog post! :-)

Delighted to see it, Will, and best wishes for a successful opening on Saturday.

How about a modern day Turandot, Will?

(offered with tongue in cheek!)

I am happy to see you posting again; I've been following your theatre updates on FB.
I hope to get a DVD of this, for I would be blithe to see it.
I'm thinking the next one should be about Sarah Caldwell. Could be huge ... bigger than Grease....bigger than Cats ... better than Annie!!!
Scott, you're on to something. After writing one opera on Isabella Stewart Gardner and in the middle of a second on Anne Hutchinson, Fritz said, "We're in our Uppity Women of Boston Cycle. Who will be the third?" I immediately said "Sarah Caldwell? Aaaaaaargh!--TOO SCARY!"
Zounds! (?!) A new post! Glad to see it. It's not really fair to desert (well, not really desert...) those of us who don't Facebook, you know.
Well then, your time away from the blog is certainly being well-used! will you be posting some photos?
Yes, Alex, this evening!
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