Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This Christmas, The Return of the Indoor/Outdoor Tree

About a month ago, Fritz and I went down to the stand of Christmas trees we had planted a dozen or so years ago and discovered we had two candidates for an indoor/outdoor tree like the one that was so popular with our families and friends a couple of years ago.  One wasn't tall enough yet (our living room is fourteen and a half feet high) but this one had the goods especially the three trunks you can see if you look closely above . . .

. . .  or more easily in this shot.  The trunk to the right was perfect to be the inside half of the tree, with the trunk that divides into two on the left great for the outside.

Cut down and ready to go.

The outside half is wired to the house at the cross beam. 

The inside half sits in a standard tree base but a wire stretching from one of the roof trusses to the other keeps it safe from toppling over.

Immediately post-sunset sky through our trees to the southwest.  There was a striking, almost metallic silver quality to the sky that the camera didn't capture.

My elder daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter from Oregon arrive tomorrow to spend a couple of days with us before heading to his parents in Philadelphia.  We'll trim both sides of the tree with them.  I'm making moussaka and Fritz has made a rice pudding for dinner tomorrow night -- very Greek, which none of us is, but we do love the food!  

Glad to see the indoor/outdoor tree make a return! It's quite amazing and I've only ever seen one: yours!

That last photo is very nice. Did you do any post-processing? If not, you might be able to get closer to what you saw with a little photoshopping.
Walt, I sharpened the focus a bit and made some adjustments in the contrast but I didn't do much, really. The version of iPhoto I have has a number of things I can do but nothing like Photoshop or some of the others, and I am not interested in getting into that level of photo manipulation.

There will be pictures of the trimmed indoor and outdoor halves once all the ornaments are in place. Glad you like it!
The tree is beautiful! What an idea. What a stunning place for such an idea!
I envy you surrounded by all that evergreenery. S'pose you can spare a tree by chopping it rather than digging it up by the roots - it is a big 'un, after all. Post-sunset shot evocative as it is.
My grandfather was very found of rice pudding; I always think of him when I have any.
An indoor/outdoor tree! What a wonderful idea, and your window is the perfect place for one. Looking forward to seeing it after it is decorated. Would love to see it from both sides both in the daytime and at night!

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