Monday, December 24, 2012


A Very Happy Christmas to Everyone!

As those of you who read DesignerBlog regularly (and sincerest thanks for doing so!) may have noticed, the posts which are put together in the Compose mode and which look great with uniform type style and size in Compose, sometimes appear as a patchwork of fonts and sizes on what you see.  I usually catch this problem as soon as I publish a new post, at which point I go into HTML mode and edit the random type faces and type sizes Blogger has assigned to my work.  About 85% of the time that works (although I haven't the slightest idea why I should have to do the patch-up work) but sometimes, no matter what I do, the post appears as a jumble as did the one of my recent ones.

The other thing I really don't understand is why the type face Times New Roman sometimes appears as TNR on the published blog but usually as either Ariel or Verdana.  Over this I seem to have no control whatsoever.  Also, Blogger, in its goodness and wisdom, recently changed everything without sending out any word to explain the changes it was making.  I found many of the new pages and procedures unclear and confusing whereas the old system was quite clear and uncomplicated.  Perhaps the younger users need regular shots of change and complexity to keep them alert and interested.  For my money, clear and uncomplicated may not be "sexy," but it works.


This picture appeared on One Step at a Time recently.  The blogger had shared it from the Dogably Pawfect site and it brought in quite a few comments.  The situation could be very simple, master and companion waiting for a routine procedure, or it could show the moment those of us who live with and love our animal companions fear most, the realization that maybe this is the time for the shot to be given to prevent further pain and suffering.  Whatever the scenario I found it profoundly moving.

A delightful comment on Parisian women from French writer Andre Maurois:
At 20 Parisiennes are adorable; at 30 irresistible, and at 40 charming.  And past 40?  
No Parisian woman is ever past 40.

Happy Christmas!
Read an article years ago wherein Lauren Hutton said that when she reached 40, she "stopped taking appointments before noon". Sounds like a sensible idea!
Happy Christmas to the both of you !
Best of the season to you!
I didn't understand all of the issues you highlight with blogger but I get the frustration. Wordpress has a different sense of issues but issues nonetheless.

The photo is moving indeed. Thanks for suggesting the waiting for a routine procedure. That is not what I see when I look at it but I like having a more positive option.

Happy Christmas... love to you both.
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