Sunday, November 18, 2012

--------------------- From Timeline of Kings Queens from Charlemagne to Elizabeth II by Gordon Kerr -------------------------- 

1848  Denmark: Frederick VII becomes a thoroughly undistinguished king.
Reported as if it was some sort of significant accomplishment.

1856  Monaco: Florestan I dies, leaving the principality divided and poor; Charles III becomes sovereign prince and founds the Casino at Monte Carlo.
     At which point the principality unites and becomes astonishingly, unbelievably rich!

1863  Denmark: Christian IX becomes king; he is married to the king of Sweden's daughter; his son George is king of Greece; his daughter Alexandra marries king Edward VII; his daughter Dagmar marries the Tsar of Russia; his daughter Tyra marries the duke of Cumberland; his grandson becomes Haakon VII, king of Norway.
 In stark contrast to Frederick VII, above!  Perhaps the only equally connected European monarch is Queen Victoria. 


This man, who has slid into irrelevance and perhaps mental instability if not outright collapse, seriously needs to be sat down and informed about a relevant episode in history called The Holocaust.
When at least six and a half million evangelical Christians are annihilated by the Congress, the media and the gays all working together, then MAYBE he'll have a point.  His is the kind of approach to history and politics that handed defeat to the Republicans last week.


I purchased two Japanese red maples which were delivered two weeks ago.  We had one that was part of the original landscape scheme, planted directly outside one of our bedroom windows and the first thing we see n the morning.  We loved it immediately and I finally decided to get others.  

The new trees are of two different varieties.  The one above is about five and a half feet high and will eventually grow to twelve to fifteen feet.   It will be normally tree-shaped.  The other one will grow to about six feet in height and outward about twelve to fifteen feet wide and will cascade.  Both have extremely vividly colored foliage, and are visible from anywhere in the front rooms of the house.       


Poor old Frederik VII!
My Danish guidebook states that he was a very popular, friendly man. It also says that he renounced absolute power and orchestrated a constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech, among other things. I don't think he was undistinguished at all! So 'boo' to Gordon Kerr on that one.

On another note I do love Japanese Maples and that scarlet one looks particularly nice. I have a line of them in the garden of our house in Australia and they always put on a nice show.
The anti- gay marriage lobby (a few Tories and a particularly vocal priest) wailed much the same predicament on the fringes of the Conservative conference here recently - ie that they were persecuted by Nazi authoritarianism. It is a truly gobsmacking attempt to turn the tables and only gives rise to ridicule.

Love your autumn colours. Ours are nearly over now - the prunus out the back has just dropped the last of its yellow leaves.
Kirk, what you describe is much more what I remember hearing from our Danish friends when we've visited them.

Both trees seem to be doing well as we head into late fall. They've both lost all their leaves and should be developing their roots as I'm watering them on the schedule I was given, having heavily mulched them with composted manure topped with wood chips.
good luck with the japanese maples; they tend to be very fussy in the Midwest.
Mr. Robertson lost my confidence when he prayed away the hurricane - or did he pray for the hurricane? I forget which.
On the other hand, I hear he is very very rich. The Church is a good slick way to make a buck; I should have gone into it myself
I will now proudly claim I had a very undistinguished career. What an accomplishment.

Pat Robertson never ceases to stun me with his twisted ignorance.

That cartoon had me laughing out loud. Great!
The Robertson quote is kind of amazing; beyond hyperbole even by his standards. Aside from the Holocaust, Africans (and later African-Americans) & slavery; Native Americans (virtually all indeigenous people in the colonial era); Apartheid. I imagine all these people were thanking their lucky stars they weren't forced to live the abject misery that is the life of the American Evangelical.
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