Saturday, October 27, 2012

---------------------From Timeline of Kings Queens from Charlemagne to Elizabeth II by Gordon Kerr -------------------------- 

1520  Sweden: Christian II becomes King: the murder of 82 notable people in Stockholm, known as the Stockholm Bloodbath, earns him the nickname "Christian the Tyrant."

1532  Wallachia:  Vlad the Drowned is so named after he gets drunk and rides his horse into the Dambovita River where he drowns.

1590  Rome: Cardinal Giovanni Battista Castagna is elected pope as Urban II and dies of malaria after 13 days, making him the shortest reigning pope in history. 



We're waiting like everyone on the east coast to see if the hurricane turns into the "perfect superstorm" that the forecasters are predicting.  Fritz has pulled all the potted plants into the house for the winter, but the autumn gardens are still very lovely.

A bank of chrysanthemums with our abstract cityscape behind.  Some of those "skyscrapers" will probably go over in the wind so we may have to do some urban renewal after the storm passes.

The flower plumes of one of our stands of ornamental grass sparkle as if they're made of crystal beads when the sun is behind them.  I love them like this.  This group is right outside the living room windows. 

A Kusa Dogwood whose various reds, oranges and yellows glow as if lit from within when the setting sun backlights it at just the right angle.

Starr, on rug and in the sunlight of a perfect late October day.

A new structure rising on the concrete patio outside the Center.  The idea was mine, that we should have our own maple sugaring shack where the boiler/evaporator unit could be housed permanently. This would eliminate having to put an awkward, heavy piece of equipment with a fair number of sharp edges into some kind of vehicle and then get them into the barn when sugaring is over in the spring, only to have to reverse the process late in the next winter.

I drew up a plan for a low wall around three sides of the boiler made of concrete block and the idea was that Fritz's nephew, who is in residence in the old house (background), would build the open-sided shed.  He planned a much larger structure than we had envisioned but it's turning out to be very attractive and his mortise and tenon joints in the post and beam frame are true things of beauty.  The same red metal roofing that's on the house will be on the shed.

Several cords of firewood are stacked under the center's balcony.  I spent the day carrying the last of the wood from the dead trees we cut down in September down to the pile, so that's done for the season and we're ready for the winter!     

from the media, this storm is set to wipe out all of the northeast, wash away all you wicked Godless democrats for your wicked ways.
The "shack" is truly beautiful. I hope you'll continue to post progress photos and, of course, the finished work. And now I have woodpile envy. My supply is not as large as I'd like this year. I'm hoping for a mild season!

Good luck with the storm. I hope the new shack survives the winds. From your description of the joints, Will, it sounds as though it should.

It does sound as if the storm may not have been overrated. Hope it is, but if not, trust you hunker down safely.
Hope all the loveliness in the photos here endures the storm. High winds here in North Georgia toppled an enormous oak next door in the neighborhood yesterday. I cannot imagine the reality of being in the path of an authentic hurricane. Best to you, take care.
I'm curious about the "skyscraper" installation. Can you elaborate about it in a post? Or have you already and I missed it?
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