Thursday, September 27, 2012

-----------------------From Timeline of Kings; Queens from Charlemagne to Elizabeth II by Gordon Kerr ----------------------- 

1271 Rome: The three year deadlock in the election of a new pope is broken when the inhabitants of Viterbo remove the  
roof of the building in which the cardinals are assembled and lock them in with only bread and water; after just three days, they elect Cardinal Visconti as Pope Gregory X. 

1274 Navarre: Henry the Fat dies, reportedly suffocated by the weight of his own fat, and his only son and heir dies in a fall from a battlement. His daughter Johanna becomes Queen at age 3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

“I appreciate the fact that she is on the ground, safe.  I don’t think she knows just how worried some of us were. When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly. I don’t understand why the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem. So it’s very dangerous.” ~Willard M. Romney, candidate for President of the United States and to be a frequent flier on Air Force One.

OK, Mitt, let's see what would happen.   If you COULD crank open that window next to you in First Class everything in the plane that wasn't bolted down, including babies, would be sucked out of your window as you enjoyed the breeze.  Everyone would be scrambling for the oxygen masks to save their lives as the pilots put the plane into a terrifying power dive to get down to where there's natural oxygen.

This man's stupidity is a many faceted, ever expanding and evolving source of constant delight, one that explores new topics and depths of ignorance on a daily, continuing basis.

The news this morning reported that Romney is 10 points behind Obama in Ohio and 9 points behind in Florida -- both are states without which Romney cannot win.  Apparently, people are  catching on more and more about Romney and his pro-megabucks, anti-everybody else policies.  We begin the debates next week, an activity at which Obama has always been better than the gaffe-prone Romney although I don't expect to see Romney offering to bet the president $10,000 about something! 


I'm enjoying my physical therapy.  The therapist is introducing me to exercises that target back muscles around the spine that, when strengthened, will help take the strain off hard-pressed discs.  Some are fun, others are going to require a bit of time for me to master as they require the isolation of muscle groups from each other, some (lower abdomen and buttocks) tightened while others remaining at rest.  This is difficult for me as my approach to any exertion has always been to tighten everything and lift/pull/push, whatever.  I obviously need to develop some new reflexes.  However I suspect I'll get a much tighter lower abdomen and butt out of this, and that can never be bad!

Our own PM's depths of ignorance were horribly revealed on Letterman. He might get away with attributing 'Rule, Britannia' to Elgar, but not to get the 'Magna' bit of 'Magna Carta'? Heck.

I grant you, though, Romney is much, much stupider. Can it be that nearly half of America will STILL vote for him?

Also frightening what you picked up on re America's blind eye to global warming in the other post. Especially after this summer.
David, you're probably aware that this country has become horribly polarized politically and religiously. The process began during the two George W. Bush elections when political strategist Karl Rove is credited with devising the policy of driving wedges between segments of the population.

The idea was to promote fear, with gays and lesbians prime among the supposedly horrendous threats to the nation, along with immigrants (non-whites in particular), liberals, non-Christians (all Muslims in particular), the French and the poor. Things have gotten progressively worse, less cooperative, and the rhetoric more composed of outright lies ever since.

I want my country back, but I mean it in a very different way that Mitt Romney does.
I hope Mittwitt continues to utter such obvious idiocies. His painful and humiliating demise will be a joy to witness (and I'm usually a very kind person... or so I say).

Glad you're liking the PT. Hope you start to notice improvements in the way you feel. It's easy to lose muscle in your butt and lower abs (and most people do) and we don't appreciate how much that affects posture and back health. Wishing you improved physical health as a result of the crappy news about your back!
I blogged on the Mittster myself yesterday. I hear people starting to compare Willard M. Romney with George W. Bush, but I think we need to be very specific here. 'W' is a halfwit. 'Mitt' appears to only be a nitwit. There's a difference;-)
I actually am jealous of those going through PT. I know they are there for unpleasant reasons, but it looks so pampering and supportive. Perhaps what I want is a group of people cheerleading me on as they rub me.
D. Spo, are you sure that what you're talking about is really PT? :-)
Somehow, Will, I missed seeing your post about the sciatic pain. Good to know, though, that you are finding the PT helpful. One of the things that worries me about starting an Ab routine is the fact that there are times when I do feel pain in my lower back. Its temporary but I dread doing it in. I also find it very difficult to keep my back on the floor when doing leg lifts.
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