Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fritz and I are back from a memorable Alaskan small boat nature and adventure cruise that found us hiking to and on a glacier, kayaking among seals, exploring a rain forest with no trail, just climbing on and over great felled cedars covered in six inches of luxurious mosses and lichens, nature walking and generally having a wonderful time.  We went with bloggers Doug Taron, Leon Halloran, Michael Rockwell (the inimitable Dr. Spo) and David Wright who were ideal companions -- much hilarity among great good friends.

I will process pictures today and have several posted by tomorrow morning.

I was just thinking that you had been uncharacteristically quiet! :-)
And I suppose you saw that adorable granddaughter? You might post a picture of her too.....
Kathy, that will come. We ended our trip in Salem and Portland. My daughter asked me if I would build a playhouse in the yard like the one I had build for her and her sister at my house in Boston. I couldn't do that as I wouldn't have my tools, so I found a kit on the web that was made of cedar and Fritz and I put it together in about five hours. Pictures will be posted!
I am glad to know you are safe and sound back in the Kingdom of Tics.
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