Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mike Mennonno recently brought up the "five minute rule" about the safety of eating food dropped on a floor on his Facebook page.  I commented that I remembered it as the "three minute rule" when I was in college, but that perhaps standards had changed over the years.  For me, however, the issue has developed something of a special meaning.   I firmly believe Americans are over-sterilized.  At the same time, there are reports that there is more sickness among school-age children than ever. 

 TV commercials are obsessed with "germs on surfaces" and morning TV constantly shows people with ultraviolet cameras or whatever revealing colonies of seething bacteria in sinks and on counters.  

If I washed and/or chemically sanitized my hands as often as the doctors on Good Morning America say is essential, I'd have skin that looked like boiled leather.  I keep my kitchen normally clean and I know how to cook food.  Nobody has gotten food poisoning in my house, ever.  EVER.

I played outside as a kid. I've had all kinds of things in my mouth and we'll leave it at that, although I don't remember eating dirt, which I understand some kids do and the attraction of which I don't quite get.  I am almost never sick and when I am it's almost invariably one common cold a year -- I've developed a strong immune system in large part because I was exposed to germs as a kid and developed a resistance.  Yes, I had a certain number of pesky childhood illnesses, but I highly recommend not getting hysterical over the odd germ; properly experienced early in life, they lead to good health.

I took charge of my health early in life as I learned about my body and became aware of what its various functions felt like when operating properly and when not.  On one occasion a couple of decades ago, I went into my doctor with a serious cough and told him I had pneumonia in the lower lobe of my left lung.  He sent me for an x-ray, and there it was.

When HMOs began, I joined one in Boston and was asked what kind of doctor I wanted.  I said one who would be interested in all of me, what my mental state was like, what I ate, how I lived, etc. and not one who would just prescribe something by rote every time I came in with a sight problem.  I've also worked with my doctors to adjust downwards the dosage of any prescriptions I do get so as to take the lowest effective dose.  I don't like being over-medicated; popping large amounts of pills was a habit in my family and I decided early in life that I wanted no part of it. 


I thought this kind of scam had been so exposed that it was no longer viable and had faded away.  But this morning, here were two of them in my email:

You Have Won GB£850,000.00 Britain Pounds on the Nokia Inc. United Kingdom 2012 
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Finally, make sure that you reconfirm your Postal address; Direct telephone
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Yours Faithfully,
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Can't believe you haven't yet claimed your $900,000 (or the £850,000). SO, lucky!

I always wondered why those cookies were so popular. What is it exactly they put in those Thin Mints?
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As long as there's a fool anywhere on the planet Earth who will answer that kind of spam, it will keep being sent...
As a doctor, I see all the time nonsense about cleanliness. There are the extremes (which paradoxically promote illness) and the denials when they should be concerned. Often the two are active at once.
As soon as the food hits the floor, it is contaminated. enough said.
and handwashing with antibacterial agents is just plain bad.
"I've had all kinds of things in my mouth and we'll leave it at that."

Yet another of the many reasons you're so beloved.

And yes, things have gone to far with germ phobia. I do use Purell (due to my work indoctrination--being in the hospital biz will do that), but the whole thing has gone too far!
I knew there was a reason I like Thin Mints so much.

The religious-exemption angle on same-gender marriage is just a distraction. Churches can't be forced to marry anyone they don't want to. Besides, who would choose to marry in a church that didn't want them, when there are plenty of churches that would be happy to marry them. You might just as easily say that the government's refusal to let my church offer marriage to gay couples is an infringement on our religious freedom.
Can I borrow $100,000? I need it to send to an attorney in Africa that has $1.3 million left by long lost relative.
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