Sunday, January 08, 2012


We had the Republican pre-Primary debate last night here in New Hampshire.  I'm a Democrat and have been driven even further into the Democratic camp by the lack of quality in the Republican candidates.  I'm a gay man and certainly a large part of it is the homophobia of the Republicans and their huge retinue of Evangelical and Catholic support groups.  Bottom line is that I'm sick and tired of being lied about and having my husband and friends lied about by people whose major weapon for many years now has been to place before the public one after the other horrific, generally invented, threat to America.  It was (is) Liberals, Iraq, Feminism, non-Christians, Harry Potter, intellectuals, environmentalists, Europe and, through it all, men and women born gay and lesbian.

There was a brief section in the debate last night devoted to "social issues."  Whoever was asked about gay rights said all the right tiptoe-around-the-subject things.  None of them said the things they say in other contexts or the truly scabrous things their supporters say.  Romney sleazed his way through it.   

I thought Rick Perry completely shot himself in the foot by announcing that he would send the Armed Forces back into Iraq immediately on becoming president.   Huntsman didn't make a breakthrough; the rest were as usual.  New Hampshirites think very independently.  It will be interesting to see the outcome of the Primary vote Tuesday night -- or very possibly Wednesday morning.

Update: As of this (Monday) morning, the latest poll shows a whopping 56% of Republican voters have still not decided for whom to vote.   Among those who have decided, Romney's leading with 41%.  Paul has 17%.  Huntsman and Santorum are tied in third place far behind Romney at 11% each, and Gingrich has 8%.  The Santorum and Gingrich "surges" may be derailed here.  Perry's in the basement -- 1% --  I don't think anybody wants to see American men and women back in Iraq.

I don't envy you, having all those politicians running amok in your state.
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