Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here's a video that makes me so happy to live among the people of New Hampshire.  We're gearing up for a second, and more serious legislative challenge to same sex marriage, beginning in the new year.  A seemingly comfortable majority of New Hampshire citizens are against the repeal attempt, but nothing can be predicted with certainty given the bizarre and poisonous rhetoric of the day. In case the video doesn't play (I'm not very skilled at this kind of thing), go to YouTube and search for "It's Not Who We Are" -- the quote marks are part of the title; the video's short and very moving.

The young man with his wife is a Marine who has been extremely active in the Marriage Equality movement on behalf of his gay brother whose chance at a happy gay marriage some day he wants to see assured.  Fritz and I worked with him and NH Freedom to Marry last year during the preliminary  challenge.  They're a great young couple and typical of the fairness of the majority of NH's citizens.


I think the internet has changed the relationships among people in profound ways.  Early in my blogging career I had blog friends in England, Austria, Australia, and from coast to coat in the US and Canada. Writing back and forth on our blogs, and then privately, allowed me to know some wonderful men, which sometimes led to meeting them during travel (theirs or mine) and some valuable friendships.

But there were also men who turned out to be impostors, who got people care about them and support them through crises that turned out to be invented.  There was an Australian who blogged under three different identities that I learned of eventually, and endured a horrific gay bashing -- that turned out never to have happened. In one notorious instance, an older woman posed as an idealistic young man, poetic writer, and gay single parent father of two adorable adopted sons.  Two young men from the east coast who had each talked back and forth with "him" fell in love.  One was encouraged to travel to British Columbia -- and to traumatic discovery.  The unraveling of the entire story was a fairly major internet event.   (I was involved; as a gay single parent of two adopted Korean orphans, I responded to "his" requests for information, and engaged in long written conversations, encouraging and mentoring "him" through what I learned was a totally fictional adoption process. Many others were stung in a similar manner).

People tend to be forthcoming on the web to a astonishing degree. From their written words (which may or may not be true) and some photographic evidence (which may or may not be of the author) it's possible to form an idealized image of someone that may reveal more about the reader than the writer.   In the process, a lot of personal information goes out into the ether and lands we know not where, an entirely different problem.

I've either been prudent or lucky.   I chalked up the British Columbian boy to instructive experience and know that my life has been enriched by the many genuine friends I've made via the internet, friends I would never have met otherwise.


This little fellow had quite a bit of fun recently and proved himself a determined explorer.

(CBS News) 
A seal pup had a risky adventure and gave Welcome Bay, New Zealand homeowner Annette Swoffer a scare on Thursday. According to New Zealand's Department of Conservation, the animal, nicknamed Lucky, broke into Swoffer's home through a cat door and decided to take a nap on her sofa.

Swoffer told the Sydney Morning Herald that she first encountered the seal in her kitchen. After sniffing around and not finding anything to its liking - including her confused dog and cats - Lucky proceeded to waddle up her stairs, jump on her couch and take a nap. He was there 45 minutes later when a DOC ranger came to send him back home.

The DOC added that the seal came from nearby Tauranga Harbour and managed to cross the road, go up Swoffer's driveway and use her cat door to enter the residence. Officials told the New Zealand Herald that Lucky had already been brought back to the sea after visiting local neighborhoods twice before.  Lucky was eventually returned to the Tauranga Harbour again - but not before he escaped from his container in the car and turned on the radio.


But it may be declared one if some people who are running for office get elected in sufficient quantity. I realize that many LGBT people are severely disillusioned with President Obama and are threatening not to vote, at least not for him, in the coming elections. But the alternative is unthinkable. The Republican candidate field has with justification been called a big clown car, a combination of willful misinformation, faulty economics, ignorance of American history, and a strategy based on demonizing gays and lesbians with outrageous charges and then presenting us as a malignant threat to children, American culture, religion, the country's security, and whatever else they can think up to toss into the mix.

I think it is essential that the President be re-elected along with as many Democratic Senators and Representatives as possible.

"We never use government to take freedom away from our people..."


If only the entire country worked that way.
I have experienced the cruel trick of online chicanery, but I accept that I have to risk meeting those kind of people in order to meet people like you:-)

Great video, by the way! I really needed to see that this morning.
That video is wonderful. Brought tears to my eyes. I've got bi-national friends trying to figure out where they can live with their kids. One can no longer stay in the US, but if they move to his home country, they can marry but not have joint parental rights; only one can be the parent. I'm finding it to be a very depressing day. Yes, we have to keep Obama in office.

You definitely have to be careful what you commit to with these internet connections (it's why I didn't agree to adopt you...)

I have a feeling Lucky is going to have to be adopted by a zoo or aquarium. How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm?
Or on the nearest ice floe, Mitch! I'm a bit old to adopt, so I'll settle happily for being blog buddies with you.
I wonder what is the chance of a re-election?
I think it's not too bad, Michael. The Republican field is poor and they know it. The major candidates all have elements of their nature or personal history which should make each of them unacceptable to large segments of the Republican voter base. The economic numbers and unemployment figures have been strongly in Obama's favor for two months in a row and are now predicted to keep going that way. And I think that even ome Republican voters are catching onto the fact that Republican obtructionism in Congress is hurting them badly. I'm not as pessimistic as I was a couple of months ago.
Will, just put the video up on the Farmington NH Dems site.It's great.:)

I feel lucky to have been able to connect with so many wonderful people across the globe. I'm sure there may be a few who are lying or hedging, but the majority of people in my online circle seem legit. Innocent until proven guilty.

Would you and Fritz be interested in coming to our holiday party next year? Stan wanted me to ask you this year, but with my injury it completely slipped my mind, which I now feel bad for, since you two are so close.
We would love to be invited, Kyle, but Fritz wondered if there might not be some time long before the next holiday party when we might get to meet you and Stan.

All our best for Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
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