Thursday, November 03, 2011

The quickie marriage of Britney Spears certainly got its share of derision but I think it's being matched or exceeded by the ridicule that's being heaped on Kim Kardashian.  Compared to Britney's 55 hours or whatever it was, Kim's 72 days almost qualifies her as an old married lady.  I suspect that part of the jeering is due to the obscene orgy of spending that ran the wedding well into multimillion dollar territory.  And in the wake of the Kardashian divorce, comments are reappearing like magic that gay couples who have been together for decades have their relationships dismissed as valueless, while celebrities can marry and divorce within weeks (if not days) without the slightest fundamentalist Christian disapproval -- if they're heterosexual.

One development has been a calculator for gay and lesbian couples to find out how long they've been together in terms of Kardashians, here used as a unit of measure representing 72 days of marriage. See how many Kardashians you've been married by going to

Fritz and I, for example have been married for 73.29 Kardashians or 14 years and 6 months.  The calculator is very easy to use -- just enter the date your relationship began and the date you use the calculator in 00/00/0000 form.  On the site, the calculator looks like this non-working screen capture.

The answer is delivered in an instant.


Fritz and I surveyed the damage to trees on the property after the recent storm.  There was wind but the greatest amount of damage was done by the heavy, wet snow that fell on trees that had not dropped leaves mostly still green as a result of our extended summer that lasted almost to November.  We were lucky that there was no damage to the Center, the old house, or the barn -- but among the fruit trees it was carnage.  One apple tree destroyed completely, one knocked completely down (a small part might be salvaged); one cherry tree destroyed, one peach tree gone, another with major branches ripped off.  A tall sycamore had every branch either ripped off or cracked and hanging; a small pine went over and there were branches everywhere from black walnuts, maples, oaks, etc. 

In New Hampshire there were some 315,000 homes and businesses with no electricity in spite of aggressive tree cutting activities by PSNH (Public Service of New Hampshire).  As of this morning about 34,000 still have no power, meaning in most cases no heat, no cooking, no phone, internet and cable, and no water if they pump their water from wells.  Several hospitals closed, many school systems are still closed.   It's worse in Massachusetts.  We were insanely lucky to get our power back in 27 hours; for others it will be a week.

The three highest number of electric outages in state history were for the 2008 ice storm, the 2009 wind storm and this latest October 2011 storm.  New England's storms are getting are more intense and powerful, obviously, just as heat waves are getting longer and hotter nationwide, the rain storms hitting the northwest are bigger and more destructive -- and the tornadoes are becoming more powerful and cover greater swaths of countryside and cityscape when they touch down.

But there are other factors.  A growing population is one of course, but the big one is the continuing failure of the utilities to put the lines underground.  They apparently prefer to spend millions of dollars putting the lines back up year after year only to have them ripped down again almost immediately by these storms.  I think a wise utility would look at the weather and resulting outage trends and take the proper measures.  Our power, phone, cable and internet lines, however, remain vulnerably up in the air. 


Although I hate to give any more attention to any Kardashian, this calculator is hilarious. I just entered our data and we have been married 153.29 Kardashians! Of course, we were not allowed to legally marry in 1981 when we decided to live like a married couple, but we still count it. And WE are a threat to the institution of marriage?!?

So glad you survived the storm relatively unscathed. I hope your beautiful Japanese mountain lake installation didn't get damaged.
I have never understood why power companies don't bury the lines either. Not only would it be better during inclement weather, it would also make everything look prettier. No ugly wires hanging all over the place.
Erik, I HATE the ugly wires in the beautiful countrysides of this nation!
Who is Kim Kardashian? Is ignorance bliss?
Total and complete bliss, David! :-)

OK, she is one of the children of Robert Kardashian, a very major lawyer, and his wife, who brought into the marriage several children from her previous marriage to Olympian Bruce Jenner. Kim has two sisters and a brother and they've all been involved in various combinations with fashion and accessory lines they've developed.

Kim hit the big time with a naked sex video she made with a guy that got out on the Web and went viral. I think there was a second one that was meant to be released. The entire family managed to get picked up by a "reality show" called All Things Kardashian, and she has become a celebrity famous for being famous. Teenaged girls and young women and some gay men are her biggest fan base. Her current title is model/actress, a job description that covers a multitude of sins (seemingly, in this case, literally!). I have found evidence of very few acting jobs. She's truly lovely with that dark and wonderfully exotic Armenian look, she speaks well and presents herself (fully clothed these days) as extremely chic and extensively groomed.

Speaking of the groom (note the clever segue!), early on after the divorce story broke, there was a hint of his involvement in illegal financial activities, but that has either been hushed up or has died because it never had any merit to begin with.

The diamond on the engagement ring was huge and Kim has stated flatly that it is NOT being returned (her mother said in support that the family doesn't respect "indian givers"). I think I see a career developing here along the lines of Zsa Zsa Gabor!
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