Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have to admit that I've been uncharacteristically pessimistic in my outlook lately.  I don't like what's going on in this country, particularly the big rise in hate directed at so many different groups and the totally unacceptable reality of Republican candidates knuckling under to hate groups by signing oaths to strip GLBT people of rights, partner benefits, personal health benefits, job security, etc. just for being gay.  And the financial insecurities we all may be facing, and which so many are already dealing with, are a growing concern.

So, I'm working to narrow my focus for the next couple of days to those people and things in my personal life that sustain me and bring joy to my life.  Top of the list is my wonderful Fritz who loves me as nobody has ever done, along with my magnificent daughters, their husbands, and my beautiful, vivacious granddaughter.  I am blessed with a large number of friends from coast to coast, from our northern to our southern border and from abroad.  One I have known since I was 18 years old; many came into my life when I met Fritz; a great many others I got to know right here blogging.  I've met a gratifyingly large number of my blog friends and hope to meet more in the future.  I am thankful for your comments, advice, support, and for your senses of humor, laughter being the great healer in "interesting" times.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

I agree that there isn't much to be thankful for these days. But I am hopeful that we can overcome the hate and decent people will see reason and learn to accept people and get over their own personal prejudices.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Fritz. Our best to you both!
Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
happy day of being thankful, regardless
I share your pessimism, Will, except that in my case I don't like what's happening to Canada. Here's wishing you a wonderful day of family and friendship.
It's all so mixed, isn't it - more bad news than good coming out of your beleaguered land, but thanks for feeding us the positive stories as and when you find them.

Here, I'm more optimistic. As for the financial chaos, it's going to be adapt or die for all, the rich - I hope - included. It IS possible to be creative about it, but I suppose try telling that to someone with no prospect of a job.

Anyway, happy thanksgiving - which I would always forget about if Id didn't look at the select few blogs - and I like the wisdom on the questionnaire.
Belated Thanksgiving wishes to you and Fritz.
If there are setbacks, we'll have to keep fighting. But I still try to be optimistic, even with this economy and these horrible candidates on my TV.

BTW, this will be my second attempt at a comment. The first resulted in this message:

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I didn't even know I had a memcache!
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