Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this courageous young woman doesn't find herself the object of a fatwa and wind up dead somewhere.

 Called to prayer: Ani Zonneveld reads Quran, gay wedding vows
by Jeremy Hooper

LOS ANGELES — Like other aspiring religious reformers before her, Ani Zonneveld takes positions that make her unpopular with America's Islamic leaders.

Not only does she lead prayers — a task normally reserved for men — but she is an outspoken advocate for gay, bisexual and transgender Muslims. Later this year, she plans to officiate at the Islamic wedding of a lesbian couple, which is perfectly acceptable by her reading of the Quran.


There was a comment on a friend's Facebook page calling for voting all incumbent senators and representatives out of office in the 2012 election as a way of solving the problem of non-functional government.  I wrote this reply:

"As regards voting out all incumbents, that may be a very good "reward" for THEM, but it may not do too much for US.  Remember all those bright and shiny-faced Teabaggers and others who got swept into Congress during the last election by announcing, "Washington is broken -- I'm going down there to FIX IT!"?

"What exactly did they fix? The situation is worse than ever; most of them are probably already bought by one bank, corporation, special interest or other. Nothing got fixed and we're heading faster and faster toward disaster with a totally non-functional government. Obama has at least guaranteed the end of a massive financial drain by announcing the end of the Iraq War, for which he's being branded an inept by those who are themselves poster boys and girls for ineptitude, obstructivism and incompetence.  We somehow have to create a way to place totally new blood before the voters."

There's a weekly newspaper in New Hampshire called The Hippo that's kind of our Village Voice.  It covers politics, the arts, local events, restaurants, etc.  In the last issue there was an interview with former Republican governor of New Jersey, Christine Todd Whitman, who turned out to be a rational, intelligent commentator on the current political situation.  Asked who she would like to see as the Republican candidate in 2012, she said she couldn't and wouldn't endorse anyone but that of all the field the one she felt had the experience across the board for the job was John Huntsman but that he didn't stand a chance as a Centrist in a rabidly Right Wing climate.  She also deplored the Oaths that the Teabag groups are requiring the candidates to take in order to get the movement's seal of approval, pointing out that no president could possibly govern subjected to some of the loony requirements and codicils the Oaths impose.  This the reality of the current situation.

Add to the mix the astonishing ignorance of the Republican candidate field.  Ms Bachmann, of course, has a scrambled view of American history that places the start of the Revolution in New Hampshire (as she made this gaffe two days in a row without being corrected suggests that her staff is as dumb as she is).  And it's all downhill from there  That she gives fellow representatives weekly lectures on what's in the U.S. Constitution is particularly scary.  Herman Cain recently blew himself out of the water by declaring that there should be an amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning same-sex marriage and he would sign it immediately if the Congress sent it to his desk.  The problem, of course, is that Constitutional amendments go to the states to be voted up or down -- the president is totally out of the loop.  Candidate Cain has no concept.  Mitt Romney and Rick Perry now just yell incoherently over each others' attempts to speak.  Additionally, Mr. Perry announced today that the tired, discredited and asinine initiative to prove that the president is not a U.S. citizen "is a good issue to keep alive."  These are the candidates being offered to the public.

Now I wouldn't vote for a Republican under any circumstances, but if this is the best one of our two major political parties has to offer, we are in such trouble!


Some very plain talk from Clint Eastwood in which he absolutely nails it!

Yes, that's one courageous woman. As for Clint, I've sat through some terrible films he's directed, but I forgive him everything. That minispeech should be made into a thousand postcards and have a prominent place in a thousand homes.
If Clint asked me, I would marry him. I don't mind the age difference at all.
That's right Clint, "Go ahead, make my day".
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