Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A New Kind of Pride

I think that gay pride celebrations should include public readings of names of all the artists, writers, architects, philosophers, musicians, entertainers of all kinds, kings, queens, presidents, jurists, scientists, legislators, Biblical figures (David and Jonathan: "Your love to me was more wonderful than the love of women," for example), explorers, mathematicians, inventors, athletes -- leaders of every kind, in every field -- who were documentably gay and lesbian.  A lot of people would be astounded and have to face some "inconvenient truths" they try desperately to deny.


Blogger/Facebook friend Mark Huffaker put this out on his page.  It relates to what's going on in Wisconsin.  Try to guess the speaker, then scroll down to the bottom of the post for the answer.

"We must close union offices, confiscate their money and put their leaders in prison. We must reduce workers salaries and take away their right to strike."


This little guy is amazing at four years old.  More to the point, he’s filled with the joy of performing, a joy I hope he carries with him all throughout his life.  It’s good but repetitious until around 1:40.  Shortly after that he catches sight of parents or friends and just lights up.  Enjoy!


Wall mural portrait of Nianknuhm and Knuhmhotep - believed to have been in the first ever recorded same-sex relationship, found in their joint burial tomb dating to the 5th dynasty in Egypt (2498 – 2345 BC).   This image, therefore, is the oldest known representation of homosexuality at an estimated 4425 years old.
From Wikipedia and two other sites: "In a banquet scene, Nianknuhm and Khnumhotep are entertained by dancers, clappers, musicians and singers; in another, they oversee their funeral preparations. In the most striking portrayal (above), the two embrace, noses touching, in the most intimate pose allowed by canonical Egyptian art.  An embrace scene of this kind is seen extremely rarely, even with representations of the deceased embracing his wife or with scenes of mother and daughter or mother and son.
"[Theirs] is the only tomb in the necropolis where men are displayed embracing and holding hands. In addition, the men's chosen names (both theophorics to the creator-god Khnum) form a linguistic reference to their closeness: Niankhnuhm means "joined to life" and Khnumhotep means "joined to the blessed state of the dead'" and together the names can be translated as 'joined in life and joined in death.'
"These men also shared titles in the palace of King Niuserre of the Fifth Dynasty.  The shared titles were 'Overseer of the Manicurists in the Palace of the King,' and 'King's Acquaintance and Royal Confidant.' Throughout the tomb there are scenes of the men embracing each other."
Predictably, there are some Egyptologists who doubt the men were in a homosexual relationship, pointing out that there was an ambiguous attitude toward homosexuality in the Fifth Dynasty, others citing the fact that both men were married and had children.  
Both of those conditions exist in this and in other countries today, however, and same-sex relationships are thriving, even in the face physical danger and continuing assaults on rights and legal protections.   Also, the tomb that was funded and constructed for the two men by the Pharaoh was not built to contain the men's wives or children, just the two men themselves, surrounded by what even the doubters admit are scenes, extraordinary in ancient Egyptian culture, depicting their undeniable love.
Answer ~ Adolph Hitler, May 2, 1933

I love that always talk about quite a few things in each of your posts.

And I especially love this one: the naming of names at a Pride festival is a wonderful idea.

It totally doesn't not surprise me that Hitler said - though my first guess was Glenn Beck and my second guess was Sarah Palin.

That kid is amazing, though in his defense the song is really, really repitious too.

And I loved the ending. Whenever any mentions the ambiguity of same-sex relationship in ancient times, I've never understood how that somehow means a sexual relationship wasn't possible.

Thank you. :)
Is there any evidence of track lighting?
The drummer is a riot! Four years old. Madre de Dios!
I've always loved that picutre of the two men embracing. When my oldest was about three, I added this picture to the Lyrics of "Longer Than" and would sing it to him at night. I wanted him to see two men happy together and not have to feel ashamed of it.
Your Friend, m.
You made a comment on my little spot on the internet about the list of homosexuals through history as tool against discrimination. Let's work on it on both our blogs. Really.

I agree that your style of multi-subject posts is fresh & fun.

Love you, W!
Well, we look on with disbelief at the state of Wisconsin. I guess something like that happened with Thatcher and the miners, but haven't we moved way beyond it here in Blighty? Oh dear, I forgot our own peculiar way of going about reducing the deficit...
Germany in the 1930s has been going through my head lately as I watch Canada's prime minister, abetted by his party, trample all over Canadian democracy with little care or concern. He's a soulmate of Wisconsin's governor and worse!
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