Saturday, March 12, 2011


12 on 12

I've never done one of these, and was reminded of that this week when two friends posted theirs.  I'll probably do one once we're into the theater with the opera and in tech and dress rehearsal -- you'll get a very different view of my life then than from the photo set below.

When I get up in the morning, I visit the bathroom, then feed the cat and put the kettle on for tea.  From the kitchen, this is my view out the front of the house; today there was a nice sunrise and a very bright day.
After breakfast, I went down to the great row of sugar maples that Fritz tapped last week and gathered sap.  Over five gallons had collected from the five trees yesterday afternoon and last night, which is pretty good.
I brought the buckets down to the boiler and poured them into the 33 gallon trash barrel that we use to gather it until enough has been gathered to start boiling down, then I fed the fire, something I did several times during the day.

Then I went upstairs in the Center.  One of Fritz's nephews is now in residence down at the old house.  He and i are working on relocating a little workshop from the downstairs, where there just isn't room any more, to one end of a storage room.  I had applied pegboard to the open studs to make tool hanging racks and had mounted two shelves on Friday.  Today I finished that and painted the dark brown pegboard white to bounce more light around the area. 

Downstairs I split wood for kindling and then . . .

went down to the barn to load up more wood to stack for boiling the sap.   There's a huge pile of wood in the barn, left over scrap from the construction of the new house.

We don't have any Chinatowns in New Hampshire nor any Chinese specialty markets.  On some of my trips down to Boston I make time to shop in Chinatown down there, but meanwhile I shop for canned Chinese vegetables rice vinegar and the like in the ethnic foods aisle of our local Hannaford.

One of the joys of being the human companion of an older cat is when the hairballs get tossed.  Starr is brushed regularly but still they come, announced by loud, deep yowl that sounds for all the world like OyYea!  When we hear that we try to move her off a rug and onto bare floor.  Then I get to clean it up.  

When the sun still has not set but is behind the trees to the west, I go into the mechanical room to record the total electric production for the day.  Today wasn't brilliant but quite respectable at 6.87 kilowatts.  Our best this year so far was 12.20 Kw on March 3.

Before dinner, I did quite a bit of writing for the upcoming French Opera symposium I'm giving at Greenfield Community College later this month.  I knocked off the bibliography and the section on Francis Poulenc today.  It's going nicely but I've been writing long and I have to spend some time now editing.
Fritz cooked tonight: baked chicken with a green tomato relish on top, summer squash in butter and two blended curries, roasted turnip chunks and wonderfully sharp garlic pickles made by Mark Huffaker out in Salem, Oregon.  Dessert was Fritz's spice cake with mango peach frozen yogurt.

I ended the evening baking Swedish farmhouse rye bread for breakfast tomorrow and several days this week.  It was all very domestic today.  

Nifty! I love that delicious looking chow! Yummy.
very cool!

first words out of my mouth when i saw Starr's pic - 'oh boy, cat yak.'

they're so much fun, aren't they?
poor kitty
I recall these nasty things from my two cats.
Their projectile aim was far reaching and accurate.
What lovely photos. 12/12 a great way to share your day...must remember next month for Bandit Talks.
Terrific, atmospheric pictures as ever.

Do the symposium attendees get to see the last scene of Dialogues des Carmelites in the DVD of the Robert Carsen production from La Scala? No doubt they know their stuff, but that's what I play to any friends who are only vaguely interested in opera. You'd have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by it, though I do know folk who are temperamentally allergic to the opera.
Love the pics of your day. I always think of you guys when the sap is running like today.
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