Wednesday, February 02, 2011

We've been clobbered by two or three snow storms a week for a while, the roughest one being two that combined into one yesterday and today.  This unbelievable scene -- you can't call it a roll-over but I don't know what you can call it -- happened about fifteen miles south-west of us on Route 93, the main road north from Boston through New Hampshire.

I've been doing a lot of indoor work during all of this, spending yesterday and today tiling the high sills below clerestory windows that run around the sides and back of the house.  The sills mark the top of the poured concrete shell on which the framed portions of the house sit.  Since the house is set into the hillside, ground level occurs about five feet up the walls in the back and on the sides, thus the high windows.  The sills have bothered me from the beginning--I like their line in the room but they gather dust and dirt.  We've been putting small art objects on the sills, which is fine, but they were never set off well. 

Since the guys who tiled the shower over-bought with abandon, I've had boxes and boxes of tile lying around the mechanical room for years.  I had already tiled the low sills in the front of the house, so tiling the rear sills seemed the next natural step.  I've got tile in the kitchen, dressing room and our bedroom set in with the adhesive.  After the adhesive's had a chance to dry thoroughly, I can apply grout and the job will be done.


We're careful to refill the two bird feeding stations -- the seed feeder and the block of suet with either berries or grain set in it -- frequently as there's no hope they'll find anything under three to six feet of snow.

We have unintentionally created a monster, or at least an obese woodpecker.  In the picture above, the white sticking out on both sides of the body is the huge breast and belly of a once sleek bird.  He comes to the suet often during the day and sits there for up to five minutes just pigging out.  He can still fly somehow -- we both thought he would be too heavy by now -- but it's getting harder and harder for him to walk up and down the tree trunk in any sort of normal woodpecker posture. 

And here's Starr doing three of her favorite things at once: lying on top of my laptop's keyboard, clutching something wool (or alpaca in the case of the sweater I'm wearing), and getting her tummy massaged.

I still think snow is lovely.
I wonder how the person in that car got out without it falling over? Or maybe the pic was taken while he was still in it.
LOL at your obese woodpecker, my Ma has a fantastic selection of fat squirrels and pidgeons, I think the pidgeons use a trebuchet to launch themselves as they are too heavy for the usual method.
That cat is really nice.
This has been one tough winter. I'm really wishing that you guys were planning to be in Florida with us next week. It would be lovely to see you both again.
Wow, that's quite an accident. And a very cute picture of Starr!
Terrific pix, Will, did you take that one of the car-obelisk in the snow too?

We hope our snow is behind us and the daffs begin to appear, but up in Scotland it's bad winter business as before.
No, David, I got it from one of the news services. It had extensive exposure on television news.
It really has been a very rough winter - esp. after last year's winter which was so mild. I've escaped to Puerto Rico for some fun in the sun because I was tired of all the cold & snow. Hope you are well.
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