Thursday, January 06, 2011

There has been a flurry of comment over a speech by Supreme Court ultra-conservative Antonin Scalia to the effect that the 14th Amendment to the constitution offers no rights to protection against discrimination to gays and Lesbians (the kind of statement one would expect from Scalia) but that there is also no protection for women, which is a surprise.

Scalia said that the U.S.Constitution doesn't support or mandate discrimination against homosexuals or women but neither does it protect them.  He says it's all a matter for state laws to take care of -- which means IF the individual states decide to protect these two groups which overlap in the lesbian community.  He seems to live somewhere in the 18th century where women had no rights and more or less BELONGED to men -- their fathers and husbands.  By implication, Mr. Justice Scalia sees no problem that only heterosexual males (he was surprisingly magnanimous in not excluding Asian, Hispanic and African-American males) should be considered eligible for -- and worthy of -- protection from discrimination of all kinds under the Constitution.

So, I looked up the passage and here's what it says:

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet are now fairly frequently interviewed and it has just been announced that:

Stonestreet and Ferguson to Host Writers Guild Awards

By Editors
Modern Family stars Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are scheduled to host the West Coast Writers Guild of America Awards on February 5.

The Emmy-nominated actors play gay couple Cameron and Mitchell on the hit ABC series.
“Audiences don’t know these guys can sing, dance, juggle, clown, and have done everything from motion pictures to Broadway,” WGA producer Spike Jones Jr. said in a statement. “They’re a pair of old-fashioned entertainers, and I’m looking forward to cutting them loose.”

Stonestreet said he is “humbled and honored” to be asked to host the awards while Ferguson said he jumps at any chance to be around Eric.

this is an excellent post. thank you!
I will take the fellow on the left, please.
Modern Family is a favrite at our house. It is nice to see the sitcom form live on into the 21st century. We love the entire cast, but our favorites are Phil & Claire. Ty Burrell is from Portland & I think is creation of Phil is one of the funniest & freshest characters on TV. All the kids are great & very individual & believable. This show is a great step forward for exposure to gay people to the masses. It would be very difficult to hate Mitchell & Cameron.
I agree with you one hundred percent on Justice Scalia. We haven't gotten to Modern Family yet, but I'm sure we will love it when we do.
Scalia drives me absolutely bonkers too.
Scalia is a bigot, plain and simple. I am a lawyer, as you know, and the simple fact is that his reading of the Constitution is like the way many read the Bible. They want things interpreted strictly, but only insofar as it suits their view of the world.
Scalia is a bigot, and I would use the phrase "Constitutional Lawyer" loosely with him. Spam as more in common with meat than he does with a C.L.

As for Modern Family, I've only gotten to watch it a couple of times. My night job interferes with it, but when I have watched, I love it.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is so HAWT!
"Modern Family" is the best show on television, or let's say the best show that I am aware of. The writing, the casting, the individual and ensemble acting -- all astounding. And, I can't recall a show that breaks the fourth wall as adroitly as "Modern Family" since "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show" from the Fifties. "MF" give me hope for network television.
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