Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brief hello from the town of St. Helens, OR.  We're nearing the end of an eight day riverboat cruise on the Snake and Columbia Rivers, to be followed by four days in Salem with my daughter, son-in-law and now fourteen month old granddaughter.  Then two days in Portland and we fly home.  We've done a lot of on-shore activities and a thrilling jet boat ride through Hell's Canyon on the Snake.  There will be lots of pictures when we got home. 

You're kidding! We had no idea you're in our backyard! No idea of your schedule but if there is any chance for a coffee or drinks or chow, let us know. And what a great day to be on the river!
PS--One of our two clothing optional beaches is just a few miles from St. Helens on the way to Portland.....on the west side of the river.
Look forward to hearing all about it.
Hope you are having fun on your trip. It sounds wonderful.
Can't wait to see the pictures! Hope you're having a fabulous time!
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