Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is thanks to Mike Mennonno (Mennonno Sapiens), who catches up at intervals with the South End Knitters who cover exposed ironwork rings and knobs on old stone gates and fences with fanciful knitted covers, a delightful form of People's Public Art.                                                                                                                                     


 The old scam in a totally new form, at least to me:

 I am presently in Iraq with the U.S. Army for peace keeping mission. I found $5,4OO,OOO near one of Saddam's old palaces during a rescue operation; I need your Urgent assistance to move this money out to a safer place. Please get back to me through my personal email: capt.darrenclinton@yahoo.com.hk for more details.


New Hampshire is being inundated with Republican candidates for the US Senate, fourteen of them so far, six considered major league.  There are two Democratic candidates who are active, both women.  All these candidates are identical to each other.

Here’s how: to a person, they are all outsiders, because to not be an outsider means to be an insider, and Washington DC insiders are the new equivalent of Islamic terrorists.  Not only are they all outsiders (“I’m a business man, NOT a politician!”; “I’m a prosecutor, NOT a politician!”), they all have a plan to end the bail-outs, balance the budget, eliminate the deficit, end earmarks, repeal “Obamacare”.  They will all create jobs, they will all put Washington back on track.  It’s the same plan, and they will each achieve it single-handedly.  They will bring Washington to its knees -- all by themselves.  Yeah, sure.

The attack ads began a month or so ago with liberal use of the word Liberal which is the new equivalent of “pinko, leftist Commie fellow traveler” (Google it if you don’t know – it makes great reading) and counter charges of being a secret insider because of always having been appointed to office, never elected  (Oooooh – good one!).  I commented to Fritz this morning that the sheer mass of TV commercials for candidates, some of them running five to eight times an hour, is enough to make me nostalgic for the car dealership ads that are being crowded out (“Ira!  Ira!  Nothing down at Ira!”)

We’re still two weeks away from the New Hampshire primaries.  I’m William Fregosi and I don’t approve of their messages.


Whatever it is, I do hope so!                                              

Knitting iron rings, what a novel idea. Too funny!

Paul Freeman! Ouch!
Loved the knitting samples.
Politics is the only career where having no experience is a plus. If that were true of software, all my out-of-work friends would instantly have jobs!
I like them too.
Portland has 100s of old rings inbedded in curbs. In their day they were used for securing horses. An artist has been busy tying toy horses of all kinds to them.
Whatever it is, I want some!
Please remember that there ARE more than two parties. Your choice is more than either or, there is no big difference between the two parties that are shoved down our throats. We have the power to make a decision to make changes in our government. The ballot/registration leads people to believe that they have to vote along their party lines. Everyone should look at the options and make their decision accordingly. A write-in vote counts the same. If we continue doing the same thing over and over again we can not expect anything to change. Our government officials have turned a deaf ear to the will of the people and have made bad choices. Please consider alternative choices.
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