Monday, August 23, 2010


A Little More Nature

Today's Tumescent Tomato. It's very odd, but our garden is popping out tomatoes with these appendages this summer. I've never grown any that did this before.  Possibly there are male tomatoes?

One of our wild turkeys, one that Fritz refers to as "the rogue" because it is always alone and never with the flock; our last sight of them was in December when we were decorating the inside/outside Christmas tree and saw them walking across the property just below the big flower garden. I feel certain that the big feather I found is from this bird. Fritz was at the dining table in the kitchen, happened to look up and called me immediately when he saw the turkey on its way toward the new part of the vegetable garden . . .

. . . on its way past the asparagus bed (uphill of the bird) and the Brussels sprout/winter squash
bed, downhill.

Maybe the tomatoes are all screwed up because of this year's weather -- I know that here there haven't been any red tomatoes until right now....the END of August....and, even now, the majority are still green.

P.S. Nice turkey.
Hope the turkey isn't eating too many of your vegetables. Weird tomatoes.
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I expected a more pointed comment for this tomato. (I know...a real groaner)

I'd be happy to get just one good tomato from our's turning out to be a "green tomato summer" here in PDX.

Maybe that turkey will fatten himself up on your garden veggies and present himself to you for ritual sacrifice in November.
I recall tomato 'arms' are due to a nutritional imbalance in the soil. Have you had your soil analysis?
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