Friday, August 20, 2010


For Love of Nature

I went outside the other afternoon after the heat of the day had broken to do a little watering. I happened to look down on the deck outside our bedroom and saw this feather lying there. It's a wild turkey tail feather and it was less than two feet from the wall of our bedroom. Whenever we've seen turkeys on the property, they've always been some distance from the house, but the one who dropped this obviously had no fear of coming very close.

Our tomato plants are bearing very heavily this summer, happy for all the sun and heat. This one looks as if he'd let his enthusiasm run away with him. Please feel free to provide any caption that pops into your heads.

The feather is amazing! As for the tomato...I'm speechless.
May I have your permission to post your tomato picture on Dave Cullen Forum (Ultimate Brokeback Mountain)?

Yes, you have my permission. I may post another tumescent tomato -- a rather different shape -- in my next post as our garden seems to be cranking them out this year.
A ruler at the ready?
An aroused tomato?
Wild Turkey?

What kind of things go on in New Hampshire anyway?
Good things, Stephen, lots of good things!
Is that a tomato in your pocket or?
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