Saturday, July 03, 2010


Happy 4th to everybody!

It's the 4th tomorrow; in the morning Fritz and I will be heading to downtown Raymond and parking near the old Victorian-era train station. Waiting for us will be a horse-drawn carriage, the annual entry of the Raymond Historical Society in the town's Independence Day Parade. We'll get in the carriage and ride the parade route as the Society's representatives for 2010.

It isn't something I ever thought I'd be doing, but if it weren't for me the Society, which does good work documenting and preserving the town's heritage, wouldn't be in the parade at all. We're members of the Society, and during a meeting a couple of months ago it was announced that the usual sponsor of the carriage and team was unable to continue his annual support. The Society itself didn't have the cash to foot the bill, so I volunteered to underwrite the rental because I couldn't think of anything less logical than to have the Historical Society not be in the parade.

It's forecast to be 94 and humid tomorrow. We'll have plenty of water with us. I'm wearing a red and white striped shirt with a white collar and, if I think I can stand it for an hour in the sun, I'll also have a tie that says VOTE on it amid red, white and blue stripes; I don't think anyone ever proposed that the 4th of July should be a subtle event. Fritz will be wearing a reproduction Thomas Jefferson-era white gauze shirt and he's providing us two pretty sensational straw hats. The parade steps off at 9:30am.


We're suffering empty nest syndrome here at the house -- literally. For the last week or so I've been doing all my outside work in front of the house with as little noise as possible and no sudden motions anywhere near the maturing chicks in the nest over the front door. Even at that, the parent birds kept a sharp eye on me from one of the petunia baskets hanging from the eaves (the father) or the whirligig near the front door (the mother); the chicks gave me the eye but never seemed alarmed.

Last Thursday, I decided to go into the house by the front door when suddenly, with a great flapping of wings and peeping cries, all five of the adolescent birds flew out of the nest simultaneously right over my head and headed for various trees near the house. There was no fluttering or faltering, the little ones had found their wings. The parent birds are gone as well; the nest now completely abandoned. We'll see if they do raise a second family during the same summer, in the same nest, as the bird books and websites say is a common practice for Eastern Phoebies.


Does this chandelier make me look TOO gay?
It's one of a pair Fritz's nephew came by way of, and seems to have immediately thought of us. I'm not sure that's necessarily a good thing. He thought they were 19th century but there's no question in our minds that they're modern.
The best part of them, albeit a bit over-sized, are the crystal ball and spike.

There are also supposed to be crystals hanging from the dishes under the candles, but we're just as happy we haven't inherited those. Lots of hanging crystals aren't our style, as with the big chandelier in the great room whose crystals didn't survive and weren't replaced. But the lines of the brass work on that one are simple and elegant, whereas these have just a whiff of the New Orleans bordello about them. I'm considering losing the swagged chains. Cleaned up that way, they might be fun for the Christmas/New Year's entertaining season. Thoughts?

Nothing can make you look to gay darling - and I mean that as a compliment !
There will be photos of the occasion...right? I have a big smile on my face thinking of the two of you in the carriage!
losing the chains will definitely make you look much straighter. :)
The chandelier with its New Orleans bordello look does not make you look too gay. It makes you look just gay enough.
I would love to see pictures of the parade. Glad to hear the birds have found their wings. I think it's great you're keeping the nest for a return. I think the chandelier is dashing as it is.

And who the hell is anonymous!?!
I have no idea who anonymous is (was, because he/she has been deleted by me).
Anonymous: I have no son, I did not ever separate from my partner, and if you are disturbed by my profile picture, I suggest you look elsewhere and leave this blog alone.
Come on will! I am waiting for your next literary masterpiece! LOL!
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