Thursday, July 29, 2010


Garden Bounty & Annual Opera Pilgrimage

The horrid weather conditions that inhibited the garden last year are nowhere to be seen this year -- strong sun, clear skies and high heat have been the norm. Starting with these big, beautiful red cabbages, here's a look at some of what we're harvesting almost daily:

Pole beans, which were part of dinner tonight

Two winter squashes under their own foliage's protective canopy

The tomatoes have become a kind of mini-jungle

Dill, which we both love, catching the late afternoon sun

Kale to the left and beets to the right. The kale didn't have its accustomed flavor tonight for some reason.

Potatoes growing in their special planters behind one of the two new compost bins.


"They think I like opera because I’m proper. They’d be shocked if they knew I like it because it *sounds* like an orgasm *feels*"
--from the blog Post Secret

As someone who is pretty intensely sound-oriented, I KNOW that feeling. And I'm going to get some more of it this weekend on my annual pilgrimage into the lovely rolling farmland an hour west of Albany at the Glimmerglass Opera Festival in Cooperstown, NY. The
Agenda: lunch Friday with a friend and fellow blogger; great dinners Friday and Saturday evenings at Villa San Isidoro; picking through antique barns and buying a case of Hennepin Belgian Ale at the Ommegang Brewery on Saturday morning; four operas in three days at Glimmerglass, and the usual surprise encounters with friends from Boston and New York and even one year, from Canada.

I always have a great time and Fritz, who is not an opera lover, remains in New Hampshire and enjoys telling everyone he's an opera widow for the weekend. But I've prepared well, baked a new loaf of bread to last him the weekend and we'll have a great reunion Sunday night.

Thanks for the garden photos! I love them. Sure looks like a good year. You've inspired me to do another round of photos from my garden. :)
It has been especially hot and dry. Also love the orgasm/opera reference...never thought of it that way.
Have a wonderful time in Cooperstown! I love Glimmerglass!
Great photos of the garden... thanks for sharing. I love to garden, but I know nothing about vegetable gardening, & now I have a a 80% shade garden.

Glimmerglass always sounds facinating. I read about a Handle piece that was done on a floating stage in the water. Am I correct?

Next year I can stay at hoem with Fritz during your weekend of Opera. I promise that we won't get into any trouble.
I have an idea. Let me come out later and go to the opera with you. I will leave David behind with Fritz. they may be bewildered, but we will have a good time!
Looks like life is going well. Your garden looks quite plentiful. I'm jealous.
Will we are thinking of having potatoes in our garden next year. I don't have space in the ground, so I was hoping to plant them above ground, in containers. Hope ours come out as good as yours look this year.
I like the garden photos and I love opera. I came here from Joe.My.Blog. I go to college in NH ^^
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