Saturday, July 24, 2010

Floral interlude between the two sections of Boston's Ladies of Opera and the Arts:

The friend who made up the garden plan for us told us that the third year after planting would be the first really spectacular one. This is year two and it seems pretty good to us.

The north side, the edge closest to our big front windows. Not everything is in flower all at once; she planned it so that we'd have different plants in flower throughout the summer and fall.

Coneflowers and black-eyed susans flank plants whose flowers are now gone by but display lovely foliage.

Cup plant (r.) which struggled its first year, has come roaring along this summer with six foot high flower stems. Raspberry wine beebalm on the left attracts hummingbirds and damsel flies.

At cup plant's base is a boulder with a hollow in one side that I set up for Fritz to have as a miniature garden place. He chose different succulents, one of which puts up a big flower stalk each year ("big" is, of course, in relationship to the size of the actual plant).

Beebalm flowers close up.

Solomon seal puts out a flower but it's for the lovely foliage that you plant it in the garden. We have three of these, each standing in front, and set off by the stonework of, one of the house's corner piers. The woods surrounding the house are filled with a lot of the smaller wild variety of Solomon seal that lacks the distinctive white edging on its leaves.

It's been a hard summer on the 57 new bushes and trees we put in during the spring. Almost three weeks of heat wave and drought stressed them all even when frequently and heavily watered. We got lucky finally and are now having fairly regular rains. We seem to have lost only one of the seven low-growing junipers that edge the "cliff" to one side of the herb garden; the rest are doing very well, our Japanese hollies full of berries.

You guys have one hell of a piece of property up there! So amazing, so pretty, such a nice respite from the crazy world we live in.
Willy! LOL! If 1 gets a magnify glass, 1 will see your garden is swarming with ants! Would be quite fascinating for some1s son I would imagine!
Enjoy your night willy! LOL!
It all looks quite lovely. I am mad-jealous. this is the sort of garden I have always wanted. I got close too - prior to moving to the southwest. Seeing your garden and thirdly cheers me up.
I am so jealous of your garden. I looks wonderful. And coordinated so beautifully...mine's a bit haphazard.

Love the hens and chicks in the rock bowl...very creative.
You have two of my favorites - the cup plant and Solomons's seal. Both are great plants for the garden. Have you noticed any birds drinking from the "cups" yet? We get gold finches that do so - they also love the seed heads later in the season.
From our experience third year in a more natural garden is the charm, but as you say Will it, looks lovely now.
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