Sunday, May 23, 2010


Happy Anniversary to Us!

Fritz and Will
Met 23 May, 1997 (Thanks, Hugh!)
Married 23, May 2004 (Thanks, Massachusetts!)

Happy Anniversary to you both! And many more to come. :)
WOOHOO! Celebrate guys! So happy for you!
Happy Anniversary! A very exciting occasion, for sure.
Happiest of Anniversaries guys - we're lifting a glass to you. Auguri!
Congratulations to you both!
I'm not sure if I should send a gift or spank you both in celebration! Big hugs and lots of love....
Congratulations! Always thrilled to hear a success story!!
Heartiest congratulations!
How sweet and lovely - you are two fortunate men !
congrats from kent and michael in okc//// we celebrated 18 years this past Jan.
And you guys returned the favor!

Many happy returns


hope you took the day off from planting and gardening etc and enjoyed each other and your special day!
Happy Anniversary!
Enjoy! Congrats!
How beautiful and wonderful!
Thank you all for your notes and congratulations. We both got ludicrously lucky when we found each other.

Southern Gal, planting and gardening is actually one of the things we do for particular enjoyment!

Kent and Michael, happy to hear about your 18 years together.

Fritz and I actually know a couple of guys in Australia who've been together 56 years. Astounding.

Willym -- a delightful vintage I hope!

Arnbie, we'd like both! and a lot of the hugs, too.
All the best and here's to many more!!!
I had no idea that Alastair and I shared the same anniversary... we were married 23 May 2009 and just had the most glorious anniversary weekend. Congratulations!
Congratulations to you both! Happy anniversary!
I am so sorry to be late by a day!
Wishing you the very best...
one of my favorite couples... The Lunt/Fontaines of NH!
Happy Anniversary!!!
Belated Congratulations!! Kisses to you both. :)
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