Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Allergy season hit me hard yesterday. The last couple of years haven't been that bad for some reason. We'd been warned this year, however, that the combination of extremely heavy rains followed by a serious heat wave, would create very heavy levels of pollen and mold in the air. And, it certainly has.

I've got a good non-drowsy allergy tablet that's a big help; good, strong coffee a couple of times during the day works wonders as well.


We woke up to find this garter snake stretched out along the base of the wall next to our front door.

It was the biggest snake we've ever seen on the property.

The little chickadees decided not to move into the birch bird house after checking it out, but a pair of birds, variety yet to be determined seem to have taken over a nest on a crossbeam under the bridge joins the second floor to the top of the "cliff" behind the house. As long as they don't start eating the place up, we're very happy to have little creatures living here along with us.


The restoration complete, our Manly Gardener has been placed on his pedestal in the middle of one section of the new herb garden. Backed by the rich amber of the rock, he stands out quite strikingly. We're hoping that our plants arrive some time early in May.

I've cut stakes labeled with the name of each tree and shrub and will start locating them on the hillside this weekend so I can get holes dug in advance.

I would have run screaming had I seen the snake! As for the allergies, I know all about it......unfortunately. Allegra is my friend. Along with a host of other meds.
That's a big ass garter snake! But the statue looks great.
snakes are good fortune and signs of wisdom!

Be mindful of the herb garden - I've had a few and a few herbs are literal weeds - best to contain them!
Thanks, Rick.

Michael, I will be compartmentalizing the herb garden with dividers to keep root spread contained.
I am having the easiest allergy season in my adulthood, & I have no idea why. My worst is always early, with tree pollen.

I love snakes & the garter is a beauty. Does N.H. have a poisonous snake?
Loved the garter snake. I used to keep snakes as pets as a kid; turtles too. My home county is pretty swamping from the strip mining early in the 20th century and before. And my house was surrounded on 2 sides by forest and further down the train tracks, swamp. So we were constantly finding snakes, turtles, frogs. We would occasionally hit a snake with the weed-eater and try to nurse it back to health. Once we even had an alligator snapping turtle on the street. It was ferocious.
Nice looking statue, Will. I have some allergies at this time of year, as well. But not nearly as bad as yours.
I think your green house is wonderful. I'd love to see it sometime. We want to get more green with our house as well.
Nice snake, Will! It's nice to be getting back tot he gardening season. I echo Spo's comments about the invasive nature of herbs. In particular, members of the mint family will send roots under surprisingly deep and broad barriers to pop up on the other side.
Ah, but our landscape designer's plan is that our three varieties of mint will be contained in big garden planter urns to one side of the herb garden and, therefore, will be isolated from the herbs and each other!
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