Sunday, February 14, 2010

The phone rang just after 1pm Saturday:

Will: Good afternoon.

Buoyant, happy voice of my younger daughter: Hello – don’t even PRETEND you don’t know! I heard him call you last night.

We broke into laughter and that’s how I learned that she and her boyfriend had officially become engaged -- it had happened about fifteen minutes earlier. And he's a very good man. Details about the wedding, etc. are all to be worked out in the future. She’s ecstatic, and I’m delighted – I’m getting a second son-in-law!


Tomorrow morning we're off to Key West for the week, joining fellow bloggers Doug Taron and Spo aka Michael Rockwell, their partners and several of their friends. It's an annual gathering for them, but a first for us. On our way back north, we stop in Fort Lauderdale for the weekend to visit an old friend who has moved down there.

We'll be at
Big Ruby's Guest House. The laptop's going along. Pictures and impressions to follow.

Wish we were joining you in Key West! The cold here is getting old! I froze my butt off today. I'm looking forward to spring!
P.S.--I know I already said Mazel Tov on FB when you mentioned the engagement, but feel remiss not saying it again. So re-Mazel Tov! ;)
Thanks, Jess!
I look forward to meeting you two - finally !
Bon voyage!
Tim from the Loire here.

There is a group of part-time Loire valley/key westers here. I think of them with every log I put on the fire!

I am living vicariously- with you on this trip.

ENJOY enjoy enjoy!
Congratulations on your new son-in-law! (And oh, yes - congratulations to your daughter, too!) Bon voyage!
Congratulations to you and your family! Hope your trip is wonderful.
I'm jealous of your trip to the Keys. Be sure to blog and tell about your experience.
I've NEVER heard her speak with a "buoyant, happy" voice. Ever. At least, not to me ...
We're here! It was a long but not too exhausting trip down that involved three planes, the last one an 18 seater prop plane that flew in from Fort Lauderdale fairly low which gave a super view of the many islands and boats along the way. Our old friends and many new ones are here -- dinner for ten last night at Martin's restaurant was immense fun.
Have fun. O! To be somewhere warm and snow-free. Congratulations on the son-in-law: I hope to be someone's son-in-law someday!
Congrats on the new family member Will! Have a blast!
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