Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm in the library at neighboring town Epping, one of the very few that has its electricity back -- and that has wireless internet. Thursday night a storm spawned in the mid-Atlantic states came roaring in with torrential rains and winds of hurricane force. Just before 11PM, the power failed with 300,000 households and business blacked out. With trees down everywhere across some roads and raging rivers flooding others, the crews are having a job getting the power back.

We are a little better off than some, because we have both a wood-burning stove and and the Aga cooking stove in the kitchen that is always on and radiated a bit of heat continuously. We also had a good stock of gallon jugs of drinking water, because the pump from the well shut down with the power. We're living a Little House on the Prairie life right now just as we did fourteen months ago with the infamous ice storm that left some people without power for almost three weeks. We're hoping we don't repeat history.

We're melting snow for washing ourselves, our dishes and for flushing. We stood in the shower with two roasting pans of water warmed on the Aga -- one for washing, one for rinsing -- and laughed which is about the only thing one can do under the circumstances. Wish us luck!

You're much more adventurous than I. My butt would be in a hotel.

We fared okay in the storm.
I swear, you guys always put such a positive spin on the craziest of situations. Thinking of you!
you know, will, just this morning i was bitching to a colleague because last night's rains made the ground so squishy i had to hose off my feet and flip-flops before i could get in the car and drive to work.

thanks for giving the gift of perspective to this southern californian, and good luck up there.
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