Thursday, December 24, 2009


In just a little over an hour it will be Christmas. We had a good day here preparing. We shopped for food for our own quiet celebration of the day (a roast capon and a pie I'm going to make), and for the arrival of what little of my family is left on Sunday (roast turkey and all the subsidiary delights).

I spent much of the afternoon making mincemeat from an English recipe. No meat in this one, although apparently mincemeat originally contained it. This one is based on a purée of plums simmered in orange juice, into which is mixed raisins, currants, sultanas, cubed apples, zest from the orange skins, ground cloves, ginger and nutmeg, demerara sugar and some brandy. I'm using cognac because I have cognac and, not so incidentially, because I like cognac. It looks and smells very good indeed, currently resting overnight in a big bowl while all the various flavors get acquainted. Tomorrow morning it gets baked into a pie shell as the desert for our Christmas dinner.

A very Happy Christmas to all of you who read DesignerBlog, a thank you to those of you who leave comments, and best wishes for a great 2010!

Good wishes to you and yours! Have a healthy, happy, loving 2010 to come.

xo, r
Enjoy your feast! Best wishes!
Sounds like a good recipe for a wonderful Christmas. Have a lovely day.
Sounds great! I am not a big fan of mincemeat, but I think I would like yours. Have a great day!
Sounds yummy. I hope you are enjoying the holiday.
Here's hoping that you boys celebrated in good, warm style. Happy happy and Merry Merry!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to reading your blog in the coming year.

I love that Merry Christmas picture you posted; it's very Victorian.

Happy Christmas and New Years to you too. Hope the mincemeat pie's flavors were properly "acquainted". Great phrase.
Happy New Year.
That pie sounds most delicious!
I am back home/able to blog
I hope your holidays are well.
I look forward to meeting you - soon !
My holidays have been fine so far and New Year's should be marvelous with 22 men here with Fritz and me to celebrate!

Delightfully, less than two months before we meet in person! A very Happy 2010 to you and Someone!
Happy New Year, Will.
Sounds like happy time Will. I'm glad your holiday was filled with family, food, and fun!
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