Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you all a warm and happy Thanksgiving this year. It's raw cold and damp here in southern New Hampshire. But with the wood stove in the big room and the Aga radiating heat in the kitchen it should be cozy inside.

Fritz and I send invitations out each year to friends we think might not have a place to go or someone to be with at Thanksgiving but this year everybody seems to be spoken for. So we'll have a roast turkey breast instead of a roast turkey and it will just be the two of us--OK the three of us because Starr is a very vocal member of the household. And I think I'll open a bottle of champagne to go along with dinner, and Fritz may play Etta James singing "At last!" which is "our song" and he'll dance me around the kitchen--which he's been doing for the last couple of days already anyway. Life is very happy here these days, as I hope it is for all of you, whose continued visits to the blog and interesting comments make me very thankful indeed.


A little tribute to cats everywhere and to our own special cat:

Starr on the silestone ledge behind the Aga. She loves to sack out here because the stone is always warm from the ever heat-radiant Aga stove (technically "cooker" as it's an English product). It's one of her 25 or so favorite sack-out places around the house.

A friend sent this to Fritz earlier in the week and I snagged a copy. I've never had a cat get into food that's cooking on the stove, but I did once have a kitten who made a leap from a kitchen counter right into the middle of my dinner plate just as I sat down at the table to eat. Gravy and veggies splashed everywhere. There's never been any other cat in my life quite like him (fortunately).

This image comes courtesy of a very lovely British lady who publishes an informative and extremely literate opera blog from London. I immediately dubbed it Empress Felineadora. It perfectly captures the true status of cats in the lives of those who love them.

Happy Thanksgiving to you both
I miss my white cat, so I enjoyed that one the most.
Have a very warm and wonderful Thanksgiving to you and Fritz! Snuggling up is another way to generate more heat!! BRRRR!

Will you two be having some pumpkin pie as well? Mmm...

xo, r
Have a great day together!

We're hosting two friends, both women, and their dogs. One of the friends happens to be named Starr. Curious!

WV: swinquat. Sounds very thanksgiving-like to me.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Fritz, Will! (And to Starr, of course!)
Happy Thanksgiving to you both!
Happy Thanksgiving to your entire family! Enjoy the day.
My gosh, everybody is saying the very same HAPPY THANKSGIVING messsage........
CATS... Now & Forever!
I hope you both had a wonderful holiday together! *hugs*
Sending you a big "Happy Thanksgiving" and "Happy Holidays"!
Glad to hear you had a wonderful and quiet Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays to you.
Happy to hear you had such a Happy Thanksgiving. I just returned from Bennington, Vermont so I know what you mean by the weather! Your cats are beautiful
Your Thanksgiving sounds cozy and divine. Champagne and dancing... the stuff of dreams.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Will, it sounds like it was a good day. Sometimes having time for yourselves on a holiday is nice. Love the pictures. They certainly show the status cats have in our lives.
What a warm and wonderful post, and I'm not even a cat person. Thanks for sharing a little of your love.
I waved when we were in Southern New Hampshire on our roadtrip. I wonder how close we got to you. Hope your T day was nice.
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