Saturday, September 26, 2009


Some time last night or in the wee smalls of this morning, my site meter reported the 200,000th visit to DesignerBlog, joining my beloved Jeep Cherokee in the 200,000 club. I should add that this is not for the five year history of the blog but just since I added the meter about three years ago.

Thank you all who stop by here, whether you comment or not (although I really love it when you do--I've met so many great people that way).

Goodness, my Jeep Cherokee is over 200k, too. But since I'm not working at the moment, it's a lot better for my Jeepy! :-)

Congrats Will. Hopefully many more years to come! Enjoy the weekend.
Congrats Will! I'm coming up on 100K and trying to figure out how to commemorate it. Maybe I'll follow your example and be humble and classy!
And I imagine that we'll all be right when she turns over 300,000 too! Many good congratulations!
congratulations! may there be 200K more real soon.
I was already taking credit. I figure about 150,000 of those hits are mine.

Okay, maybe I'm rounding up a tad. ;)
Congratulations to you and to a blog that deserve even more traffic.
Wow that|s alot! Congratulations Will!!!
Congrats, Will! the next 200,000 will come even faster. Your readers love you.
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