Saturday, September 05, 2009

Some more from our trip, a little ancient eye candy from the Getty Villa in Malibu which houses an extremely important collection of Greek and Roman antiquities of all kinds in a copy of Roman structure entered through a pretty good reconstruction of a late Hellenistic theater. An interesting man, Mr. Getty--an oil baron who used his money to endow culture. Entrance to the collection is free (they get you for the parking but there is no admission charge to any part of the grounds. Enjoy!

The Jeep, which you may remember stopped running suddenly the day before our trip to the west coast, has had a starter transplant, followed by a wonderfully hasty recovery, and is now up and about leaping like a gazelle among various new Hampshire towns.

OK, a BIT over the top, but I am obviously very happy to have the Jeep back under me again, and for a reasonable repair bill into the bargain. The problem was a bad cable whose corrosion penetrated and ruined the starter. I was lucky that when it stopped working, it did so here at the house rather than out where I had just been doing errands or some in other inconvenient place—like new York City, for instance.


The weather has been simply perfect here this week and looks to remain so through next Tuesday at least. This is great news as we are once again hosting the annual Work and Play Weekend over Labor Day, an event might well be subtitled Gay Men and Their Chain Saws. The first of our friends arrived last night with more expected today, which will end with a Sweat Lodge gathering.

We have several big things to do—taking a deceased chest-type deep freeze to the Transfer Center (aka dump) and shingling a small shed roof over the wood pile for the Sweat Lodge, for two. But the big job is cutting up, splitting and stacking wood from the big trees—a black maple and a huge sugar maple—that came down in last December’s hugely destructive ice storm. We should be at full strength this afternoon when the big rented wood splitter is to be delivered. We have our own splitter, a small one that is great for run of the mill stuff but that won’t touch the 42 inch diameter chunks of trunk from the 200 year old sugar maple. Its weight is so great that some of its branches were driven deep into the ground when the tree was ripped apart and fell.

There will also be a lot of play time, good food, good talk, and we’ll probably get ourselves up to no good somewhere along the way.


With a tip of the hat to the invaluable Joe Jervis:

“Rachel Maddow reports that after five years of legalized same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, the state's divorce rate has plummeted to "pre-WWII levels." Kinda sticks a fork in the argument that homo marriage destroys opposite marriage, dunnit?”

Fritz and I are, of course part of the Massachusetts married gay community, our union now recognized here in New Hampshire. For the record, my elder daughter and son in law’s marriage is in great condition while my younger daughter and her boyfriend are moving steadily in that direction, too. Obviously, their father’s “toxic” marital status hasn’t deterred them one little bit.


Question of the day--how did a mouse get into this house with its poured concrete shell and its frames structure so tight that a negative air pressure test showed there was virtually no air infiltration at all? Somewhere around three this morning I heard the deep yowls from Starr that are her unmistakable signal she'd caught something. of course she trotted proudly with the live mouse in her mouth right into the bedroom.

As it happens I wasn't quite in the mood for the Drama of Life and Death to play itself out around--or on--our bed, so I chased her and her prey out into the living room and closed all the doors between it and the bedroom. After this interruption, sleep eluded me for most of the rest of the night, so I got up early and disposed of the little cadaver that had been lovingly laid out for us in the back hall outside the sauna, congratulated her on her kill, and am now starting what is going to be a fun and accomplishful day with The Boys.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

The Work and Play weekend sounds like loads of fun. Using chain saws and big log splitters is SO sexy! And I mean that sincerely.
One day I want to join the sweat! Hope you got all that wood taken care of.
You're right about the covert homoeroticism of the classic male nudes at the Getty. But I went there with some glbt friends looking for the explicitly homosexual content on some ancient Greek vases. It was there, but they were hard to find and the commentary politely refrained from mentioning the erotic touch between male figures.
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