Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last weekend, the state of Maine finally kept its promise to me. For years and years I've seen the signs on the side of the road: Moose Crossing. I've never seen a moose anywhere in the state. But on Saturday night as our hostess (a high school classmate of Fritz's) was driving us home from a very fine fish dinner (Italian Seafood Stew--shrimp, mussels, haddock and scallops in an herbed white wine broth) there they were.

She slowed quickly and stopped for two young males, nicely antlered, who were standing in the road ahead of us. They didn't freak or run, but casually walked up to the car, passed the driver's side, looked in the back windows, and then went on their way into the trees.

And I didn't have my camera with me.

The weekend was lovely, with perfect weather. We walked around the property on Plummer's Point down to the shore and saw some young seals warming themselves on the rocks. There was a visit to the big botanical gardens in the area, good talk and relaxation.

The shore--Maine's rocky coast.

A vertical garden wall panel at the botanical gardens

Artichokes in bloom.

A glass sculpture by our hostess's nephew, his second commission in the gardens (a wild wind storm destroyed the first one).


A couple of new pictures of the granddaughter:

At six weeks, holding her head up and a big smile.

Sacked out with her father and the cats.

I love the photo of the sleeping people in cats!
and is having a cat.
that photo of the cats looking at her - priceless!
M-O-O-S-E! Yippee.....you'll never forget it.
I love the picture of your new little girl with daddy & pussies!

I have seen a moose in Montana. It was so HUGE. I love that they took a peek in the car windows.
I love the pictures you post on your blog!!
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