Monday, August 17, 2009

We celebrated Fritz's birthday last night in Portsmouth at our favorite area restaurant, Radici. It's a modestly sized place, relatively quiet (ie. you can eat and hold a conversation with friends without having to shout to be heard) with attractive decor that isn't afraid of color, and excellent service.

On one occasion when we went there on impulse with no reservation, all the tables were taken but we were offered seats at the bar if that was OK with us. I've always liked eating at bars so we went for it and discovered that their bartender, Sam, was a lot of fun to talk to and quite attractive. One could get into a lot of trouble with Sam.

Fritz's sister drove up from Cambridge, MA to join us. The evening special was grouper in a lightly curried cream sauce over spinach and tomatoes accompanied by asparagus and a classic, very simple risotto. She and I had that while Fritz went with his favorite Seafood (mussels, scallops and shrimp) Fra Diavolo. They pour a particularly crisp and dry pinot grigio at Radici. Desserts were had, as was a lot of fun.


We're in the doldrums of an "official" heat wave, ie. at least three days above 90 degrees in a row. It's also quite humid, a combination I particularly dislike, along with the fact that the air isn't moving at all.

When I was growing up, I'd hear people say how they couldn't sleep in the heat of summer and I never understood that. Heat knocks me out. It pulls all the energy from me and lethargy takes over my whole body, or almost my whole body--sometimes really intense heat makes me very horny.

We had several errands to do today that involved being outdoors with some physical exertion, so I suggested doing them very early in the day before it got really bad. We needed to get rid of our old queen sized mattress because the sleep number has been a big success for us an we obviously weren't going to send it back after the one month trial. The mattress and paper recycling from Fritz's Center, including a pile of corrugated cardboard, meant a trip to the Transfer Center, the current euphemism for the dump.

The wild turkeys have returned to the area. I've seen one near the house for two days in a row. Yesterday one was strolling through some of the new plantings around the hot tub; today, I was coming up the road to the house and one was standing right in the middle of it, quickly scuttling off to the side and then into the woods.


I've begun to pack for our trip out to Oregon, a new state for me. We fly into Portland on Thursday and get a rental car, then drive to Salem where we'll meet my new granddaughter for the first time. My son-in-law says she is very communitive facially, with different expressions for I want food, or I've just pooped, etc.

Life is very good right now, just moving at an agreeably slow pace and spent as much as possible out of the sun.

I swear, you guys go from major amounts of summer rain to the 90s. Ugh. We're in the 90s all week here...but cooling down on the weekend. WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ON SATURDAY! I also have Sunday set aside for spending with you if you'd like that. I'm sure we can get into some sort of trouble. I will be out of town until Friday afternoon. See you soon!
Oregon is a lovely place; drink the local pinot noir why dont you?
Nice Post
Now the big unanswered question is what is that adorable little girl going to call you?

Are you going to be Grandpa Will? Gramps? Poppy?

I know it's a while before she's talking, but there are many variations to choose from.
Happy birthday to Fritz! Sounds like a lovely birthday dinner.

Enjoy your trip to see your new granddaughter.
Happy birthday to Fritz! I'm sure you will be thrilled to meet your new granddaughter in person. She is certainly a cutie!
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