Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is our last full day in Portland. We've had a good time here, notably because we've had so many friends to get together with, sightseeing being combined, or alternating, with good talk, good food and wine.

Yesterday we drove east to Mount Hood, driving u to the 6,000 foot level with a mile of mountain still looming over us, to the Timberline Lodge, a Grand Lodge of the Depression Era (the 1930s Depression, not this one) which was a WPA project that gave well paying work to an army of destitute laborers, craftsmen and artists. There are many pictures that will await our return to Salem tomorrow where I believe the WiFi will support uploading photos to the blog.

Last night we drove to North Portland for the evening with Stephen and Rolfe, both old theater men and delightful hosts. We spent our time mostly in the uniquely Stephen and Rolfe "fort" they've put together in their back garden (recently featured in one post on Stephen's Post-Apocalyptic Bohemian blog. It's a creation only a theatrical designer and an actor with an eye for the comfortable and unique could put together, a wonderfully surrealistic retreat from the city and staging area for quiet get-togethers.

Today we visit the Portland Art Museum, have lunch at the reputedly elegant, old-world Heathman Hotel, and probably a visit to the Japanese Gardens just west of the city center, high in the hills.

YES YES YES! do the Japanese garden today...the drizzle and gray make it the perfect place to be on a typical Portland day. I'm so happy you've enjoyed your time in our city -- one of the world's greatest.
It was lovely to host 2 handsome & fascinating men...
" someday, when you speak of this, & you will...be kind."

I am pleased that you got to get meet your new family memeber & get a taste of Portland. Looking forward to the next visit.
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