Wednesday, August 12, 2009


OK, you get to guess:
A) it's a color blindness test, or
B) it's DesignerBlog's 6th birthday.

That's right, I've been blogging for six years and I still enjoy it enormously. These days I'm in touch with a lot of you on Facebook as well as via our blogs, but I see a real difference between the two. Perhaps it's just how I perceive them, but the depth of contact and exploration of a topic via a blog has allowed me to get to know many of you in a way that's led to valued friendships. The immediacy of Facebook allows me to keep in touch with friends, family, former colleagues and students in a way I haven't been able to before and I value that, but they're not the same.

I hear people say that blogs are over now because of Facebook (and that Facebook is over now because of Twitter) but not for me. As I see it the three, in that order, chart a progressive diminution of contact and intimacy in our daily lives, to the point where Twitter, which I don't intend to get involved with, limits the amount you can say in each transmission--the latest surrender to miniscule attention spans and avoidance of meaningful contact.

A lot of blogs I enjoyed reading and bloggers I had gotten to know this last year have decided to shut down, but I've found some new and quite wonderful ones--happily, not everybody seems to feel that blogs are over. In any event, I plan to be here for some time to come, and I thank you all for reading and commenting and being part of my life.


The new English garden is becoming a bird and friendly insect magnet. We looked out this morning after breakfast and all at the same time were a woodpecker and a nuthatch at the suet feeder, a goldfinch perched on the flower stalks looking for seeds, an assortment of bees working the flowers and a hummingbird hovering and zooming around everything.

As an extra-special bonus, we get to watch the chipmunks eat all our blueberries!

Yesterday we welcomed the first
hummingbird moth that we've seen up here around the new house since we moved in. Not the one above because I didn't have my camera, but one very much like. These are friendly, gentle little insects who are much less manic than the birds they so resemble and for whom they're named, and who don't get spooked if you're standing near them as long as you don't reach out for them.

This all begins six feet in front of our big south-facing windows. It's so much better that television!

Happy Birthday!
I say it's a colour blind test. hehehe
Happy Blogaversary. Getting to know you has been one of the real benefits of the blogging world.

Hummingbird moths are beautiful creatures. We often have them at the Fen visiting the bergamot flowers.

I hate Facebook with a passion but yet I'm on it as I'm made to feel like a social leper if I'm not!!!

I think Facebook has replaced Soap Operas. It's no longer 'did you see this or that on TV, it's all about videos people have posted, quizzes they've taken and so on.

I seem to recall I sent an email to GB a while back railing against the technology driven changes in how people are interacting :-)

Perhaps I should resurrect it and make it a blog entry... perhaps not. People will think I'm a crazy person!
Congratulations on your sixth anniversary! I'm not a big fan of Facebook, but I have a feeling I'm going to have to succumb.
A very happy anniversary William. Many more I hope? :-) FB is only good for networking and keeping in touch with families and friends... I wonder if there's more to that?! Hmm...

Enjoy your day/week!!
Congratulations, Will. You have hung in there with some very high quality blog posts over the years.

I do MySpace and still blog, but not as often as I like.

Mega hairy muscle hugs wishing you many more successful years in the blogsphere.
All I see is food.....and I'll need a cup of coffee to with those cupcakes..

Clearly, easily, Facebook and Twitter are not substitutions for blogging...but they are easier than actually having to sit down and write.....
Happy Blogaversary! Wow six years, is that like 75 in human years or something? ;D

I'm coming up to two years myself and I did not think it would last that long. I do miss a lot of the blogs that I used to read that are not around any more.

I saw one of those moths last year, I did not even know they existed until I saw it and looked it up on the net.
Yay, happy happy to the blog. I can't get into Twitter either. I find myself muttering "so what" every time I check in there. And up here they call the hummingbird a "oiseau mouche" or bird-fly. I had no idea there really was such a thing as a hummingbird moth. Now I'm going to be on the lookout.
Congratulations on this milestone!
It has been quite a pleasure to get to know you, your house & garden, Fritz...& now a new member of your family.
Hugs from Oregon.
Happy blogiversary!!!

I share your feeling about the progression from blogs to Facebook to Twitter being one of less intimacy and substance. All 3 have their place, but I prefer blogs for their deeper content.
I too to want to give you congratulations!
you remain one of my favorite bloggers. I am glad you continue on - may there be many many more years of DesignerBlog !
Nice Post
Bonne Blogiversary Will. Somehow Twittering seems WAAY too republican somehow. I can't do it either.
Happy birthday, you are such a good blogger. I enjoy it every time I visit and I hope you will go on and on!
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