Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Introducing . . .

. . . my new-born granddaughter and first grandchild Sasha Julia, born a bit before midnight last night, eastern time. Everybody's doing well and all are very, very happy.

Congratulations, Bill! (You'll always be Bill to me - sorry). I expect you'll make a top-notch grandfather.
Congratulations Will. She looks adorable.
She's so precious!! Congrats Will!! You're now a very busy grandpa I'm sure.
Congratulations Grandpa. Wishing nothing but happiness and good things for the little one.
Adorable. Congratulations.
Beautiful Baby. Congrats, Papaw! ;)
She's beautiful!! Congrats Will!
oh boy! poopy diapers to change now. Have fun!! Many good wishes.
Bill, I am so excited for you, and so glad you and Fritz will be traveling to meet her soon. I know lots, as you know, some successful, so not so, about grandchildren, not that you need any help from me, but you are welcome to pick my brain anytime.

And when you get back from meeting her, with lots more pictures I presume, I think it's time for another dinner. I won't be home from Seattle until Aug 16 and my house is in the midst of chaos because of moving to a smaller place, but I keep people coming - my real friends understand. So let me know when you are available. AND CONGRAULATIONS TO SASHA JULIA AND ALL HER FAMILY!! Kathy Boyce
congratulations! I've been waiting for the news!
Wonderful news!
Lovely picture.
Congrats, Grandpa!
I am so happy for everyone involved.
Congrats!! :-)
What a cutie! Congratulations, grand-père!
Congratulations... what a beautiful child. sweet!

Congratulations, Pépère!
Congrats!! What a beautiful little girl!
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