Sunday, August 09, 2009


I promise this won't get out of hand, but occasionally I'll post a picture of the young lady. My son-in-law put a lot of pictures on my daughter's Flickr page and I chose the best ten or twelve from among a lot of repeats or shots that just didn't work.

Mother and child went home on Saturday. In ten days we'll be there on a trip that combines time with my newly extended family with some blogger dinners and get togethers (Hi, Arnie and Blair, Stephen, and Steven and Mark!), ending with a weekend in LA where my younger daughter now spends three weeks a month for her job.


A big milestone for the Jeep this weekend, as it gracefully rounded the 200,000 mile mark. It still has the pick-up of a 10,000 mile old. It's been an incredible work horse and still hauls loads of lumber, rock, firewood, furniture and yard sale items etc. with aplomb. I celebrated by buying it a set of new tires. It seemed pleased.


There's an antique barn out in Cooperstown that's one of my favorite places in the world. I always plan to spend at least two hours there every year when I go out for the opera. There are five levels to it--it is truly huge--as well as an extensive set of grounds featuring a lot of outdoor stuff, including a wrought iron base for an outdoor table that I bought. I picked a round Moroccan mosaic table top. It stands between our Adirondack chairs on the new little deck outside our bedroom.

Three pictures from the place:

I fell in love with this fantasy outdoor throne with it's built-in birdhouses roofed with antique license plates.

The roof and top level are the domaine of the chair.

I so want to buy this incredible Art Deco kitchen dining set, but I have bowed to practicality--it's way too expensive, and Fritz owned an excellent one in a very simple style that fits perfectly in our kitchen dining area.

It's a very typical metal-topped table with wings that slide out from underneath the main top to almost double the surface area. It's the legs that love so much, as if Jacobean had gone Deco--or vice versa. It comes with four matching chairs, all for $850.00(!). It's been there for at least five years, calling out to me every time I visit. Dropping the price does not seem to have occurred to the management.

Please feel free to post as many pictures as you like of your wonderful new granddaughter. And congratulations again!
Happy anniversary to Jeep-y!!
See you boys soon....
She certainly is a looker. I'll happily sit through more picture posts. Congratulations Will.
Showing baby photographs cannot possibly get out of hand - You are the proud grandfather after all!
I agee on the number of granddaughter photoa - the more the merrier. I am in Seattle for the Ring, which I hear they are doing agind, according to Speight's Q & A tonight, that they will do one more time in 2013,and I hope I can be here for that, but who knows?

It has been spectacular so far. Most people who know me know I think Morris is the Wotan King, but Grimsley and Baird did a wonderful 3rd act of Walkure toight that had me in tears. -- Kathy Boyce
Those metal tables certainly are charming, but we opted for a formica topped table instead. Love the boomerang pattern.
She's a keeper!
Happy 6! And I'm jealous of your jeep. I miss mine terribly. I had to sell it when I moved to France. It wasn't practical to move an 11 year old jeep over here.
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