Friday, July 31, 2009

I rolled into Cooperstown in heavy rains--the area from Albany west was under warning for floods, bad visibility on the roads--the whole package. Cooperstown itself is timeless--all fast food and national chains of anything are allowed a foothold only in the outskirts. The central core is all 19th century and glowing with prosperity as you might expect from a major tourist magnet or two.

There are a number of very handsome Federal Period houses and churches, pure white as befits their heritage from (what people thought were*) pure white Greek temples. And there are the riotously colorful Victorians, polychrome painted as they should be and beautifully maintained.

There's also a Chevrolet Museum of all things west of town, and a couple of first class antique barns--one on five levels that takes a good hour and a half to go through. I'm headed there next on the lookout for some sort of outdoor table for the new little deck I wrote about. I'm totally open to any style or material, just so it somehow relates to the house and is totally suitable for outdoor use.

From now on, it's ALL opera, All the time!

*In point of fact Greek temples and other buildings were painted even more brightly and with just as much ornamentation as the Victorian houses.

Franki--delighted to have you as a reader. Please don't be a stranger. ARIA looks wonderful; I'll be checking it out in depth very soon.
Did you get to see Jim Rice enter the Hall of Fame?
No, because it apparently wasn't HOF induction weekend--almost no traffic or crowds in Cooperstown--I think it's part of the economic crisis.

However I know from visiting the Hall of Fame that they have a huge blow-up version of one of Jim's underwear ads. He looks GOOD!
One of those photos looks rather christmas-y. Have I entered a time warp again (it's just a jump to the left...)??
Walt--no time warp, I used a stock photo harvested from the web via Google in this instance. Many of the photos on my blog are mine but not all by any means.
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