Friday, June 19, 2009


Happy Father's Day to all my fellow dads, straight and gay!

This will be an interim post until I get back home tomorrow evening. We're having a great time out here. Fritz's presentation went very well Saturday morning (when it was over he sold out all the copies of his two books that he'd brought with him); we took off across the mountains and returned to Denver.

I managed to not bring the cable that connects my camera to my laptop so I cannot post any of my pictures yet but will cull through them and post a lot ASAP. We're taking a mid-day break right now, but we're spending our day at the Denver Museum of Art where I've been able to shoot a lot of extremely interesting pieces and installations.

This one became an instant favorite of mine, "Fatherhood" by Wes Hempel, who took inspiration from Renaissance paintings of the Madonna with Child and attendant little cherubs to create a tribute to masculine nurturing and care.

But the most amazing show isn't inside the Museum but outside, watching a massive repair and refinishing job being done to the Museum's three year old new wing. Designed by uberhot architect Daniel Liebeskind, the roof has failed already and a crew of highly skilled construction workers is working on 45 degree angle surfaces high above ground , hanging from safety lines and moving heavy equipment in a kind of slow-motion ballet that's amazing to watch.

We're headed back to the Museum--more soon!

It is rare (as far as I have seen) to see paintings depicting fatherhood like that one.
Pure kitsch. I love it.
That painting is just the most wonderful thing I have seen months!
Nice Post
A fabulous picture, I wish I had had a father like that!

Do you have a picture of the outside of the museum?

You word verification is: hommos, lol.
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