Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A rare occurrence: I’m sick. Not seriously, throwing up sick, but I’ve got a low-grade fever, slightly aching joints and general lack of energy. That last is particularly telling as I’m usually bouncing right along. But today I’ve had bouts of fatigue and wanting nothing more that to lie down and nap. I’m taking aspirin, drinking fruit juice and water—and blogging.

Tuesday morning update--I'm going in to my doctor early this afternoon--talking with his staff on the phone, there's a good chance it's Lyme Disease from one or the other of the last two ticks that I had pulled out of myself about a month ago. It's not the greatest news in the world but, caught early, a course of antibiotics can knock it down in about three weeks. And if it isn't Lyme, the hope is that they can give me something that lets me have my energy back,

A good friend of Fritz’s and mine, a member of the Board of Fritz’s non-profit, sent this delightful animated take on the economic crisis, set to favorite songs from West Side Story:

You'll have to cut and paste the URL--it's supposed to work but doesn't.


Bird uses body as dam to stop drainpipe soaking chicks
12:41PM BST 28 May 2009

The female thrush's body is semi-submerged in the water of the gutter as she holds back the flow, protecting the nest and her chicks

The Mistle Thrush had built her nest on top of a downpipe, blocking the water's passage and causing the gutter to flood.

But desperate to protect her young, she puffed herself up to twice her size and sat in the drainpipe to stop the tide of rain water swamping the nest. She was so occupied with her task that her mate was left to feed her and their young.

The images were captured by amateur wildlife photographer Dennis Bright at a house in Fareham, Hampshire.
Mr Bright said he was astounded by the female bird's behaviour.

"The nest was tucked away from the weather in the shade of the roof but it was so close to the downpipe the gutter flooded when it rained. It was only a matter of seconds before the pipe flooded, and water cascaded over the sides."

Mr Bright said he was amazed by the bird's ingenuity.

"She had to come up with a solution so she puffed herself up so she was twice the size of her mate and used her body as a cork to stop the water - it was absolutely amazing. She was very dedicated, sitting there even when the rain was hammering down. Then every half an hour she would get out, dry herself off and come back.

"The male was doing most of the work - feeding her and the chicks when she was sitting in the pipe. I feel so lucky to have witnessed something so rare and unique."

Hester Phillips, from the RSPB, said she had never seen such a situation.

"We've heard of them nesting in some unusual sites before, namely on the top of traffic light, but we've certainly not come across anything like this before. Birds can be amazingly hardy creatures, their endurance is incredible - especially when protecting their young."


And that's it for tonight. I'm off to bed to read and get to sleep early, hoping to shake this whatever-it-is ASAP.

Perhaps this is nature's way for telling you to slow down and take a break.
Certainly I get ill when I am rundown burning the candle at both ends.
Could somebody to pamper you why don't you.
i have the same thing... since sunday night and tonight was the first time i felt like eating or half human. hang in there. i slept a lot and took advil.
Dear Will, i am so sorry to hear your felling unwell. I hope you feel much better soon. Sending you hairy hugs. If I had have been closer I could have been your naked house boy to nurse you back to good health ;-) I love the pic of the little birdies. The BBC is running a wonderful 3 week show here called Spring Watch. It is televised every year and we are seeing wonderful footage of birds, badgers and all kinds of nature at the moment. Take care for now and look after yourself :-) *hugs* and a little sneaky peck on the cheek ;-)
Hope today finds you feeling much better, Will. If the NH weather is anything like that north of the border, it's a great week to rest and recuperate. Cheers.
I am so sorry that you are sick!
I hope it is not Lyme!
In Oregon Lyme is rare & I feel fine about hiking with the canines.

I still look forward to your posts with your interesting observations & opinions. Thanks for the feature with the birds. We share a love of nature, gardens, theatre & men.
I appreciate you!
Your Kinsey 6, Myers-Briggs ENFJ, blogging friend.
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