Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Hampshire is #6

The House and Senate in New Hampshire have voted in favor of same-sex marriage. The approved bill is now being rushed over to the Governor's office for his signature, which he promised to give if certain
adjustments were made to protect churches who would find gay marriage contrary to their beliefs. We are now the sixth state to have real marrige for gay men and lesbians. Six states = 1/12 of the states in the Union.


I'm very proud of our little corner of the world.

1/12 is better than 0/12.
That is so nice! Congrats and I really hope the other states will follow suit!

Anyway, been gone for almost an eternity but I am back now!
Pretty amazing, isn't it Will?

Hope you are feeling better.
Feel better, Will... there is reason to celebrate!
Did you ever think in your lifetime...?
Are there any fears of voters doing to it like in CA?
I'm actually surprised at how quickly the individual states are moving at the moment. Being an old cynic, I don't believe that every state will vote in marriage, but I do wonder whether, in time, some form of federal recognition will be brought in.

Gee, I might even get to say 'I'm travelling with my husband' when I come through immigration with no fear of being turned away!

Feel better!
New England rocks! Makes me glad to live here.
Bravo for the Granite State!
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