Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're getting ready for our big yard sale this coming Sunday. This is the one we could/ should/might have had last summer if we weren't so busy moving in and doing finishing details on the house.

Many of you have been in the same situation, I'm sure: you've been living alone for some years, you're gay, you entertain--dinner parties, out of town friends and family, the boys over for drinks, post-production cast parties (for those of you in the performing arts as I am), or gentlemen invited to stay the night--so you have dishes, linens and bedding of various kinds, glassware, lots of cookware, lots of stuff. Then you move in together and there's immense amounts of overlap.

In my case I also had everything my daughters grew up with and everything they went to college with, ALL of which they swore faithfully they would come and take within a year or two of graduation. They LIED to me! Also, I was transitioning from a very busy and demanding career to a much more relaxed lifestyle and divesting myself of not one but two two offices--one at home, one at MIT.

Oh, do we have STUFF!

So, promptly at 9am Sunday morning we open our yard sale in the Center's lower parking lot. It's primarily household items and furniture but there are a lot of books, cartons and cartons of children's books, and art and theater books (the ones Pinkerton Academy in Derry, NH didn't want. There are also a Franklin stove from my Boston house, Fritz's Valiant wood stove, and a clothes dryer. Everything's priced to sell--I want it all gone, taken away, off my hands. If it rains, which I'm praying it doesn't, we can have it inside--but that means carrying everything uphill to the Center's big function room rather than downhill to the lower parking lot.


Intermezzo, the New England Chamber Opera Series is the Boston-based opera company I design for. I've mentioned before, I know, how much I love working with Intermezzo. It's a highly collaborative group of musicians, singers, directors and designer (yours truly) who work only with contemporary material, only in English, and approached in the belief that opera is theater. Almost exactly 1/3 of what we've done over the years is newly commissioned work, so I've gotten to work closely with composers and librettists. Intermezzo is very much the model for what I think producing in the performing arts should be.

Fortunately, in this awful economy for theaters, orchestras, opera companies, etc., we're not going under--but the fall production has had to be canceled. Grants applied for either didn't come in or came at a fraction of the amount applied for. We were going to do Benjamin Britten's The Prodigal Son in the Church of St. John the Evangelist on Beacon Hill but it is not to be.

Our ability to simply go on hiatus rather than completely closing down comes from the fact that we're essentially what's often called a guerrilla theater group. We don't own a lot of stuff that requires rented storage, we don't own any space that has to be rented or maintained, we don't have a chorus and orchestra on long-term contracts. We're light-weight and flexible; with luck and some careful planning, we'll come back to life in 2010.

God I wish I was there. I love yard sales and car boot sales. We go to lots over here as we collect old books and its surprising just how many little gems are on display at these events. I hope it all goes well :-)
Oh my gosh, I've SEEN THE STUFF! I can only imagine that it's going to be quite the sale. You'll need help....maybe I should dress in short shorts and some slinky tight top and come and run the cash register for you!
Sounds like you will have a little experience cleaning out all the excess stuff.... So if you have any extra time maybe you could come help me in OK. CITY.
Mark, do you boys ever visit the States? We'd love to meet you in person some time.

Arnie, you're ON. Even if you didn't bring in an extra dime, the outfit alone would make my day.

Kent, nice to hear from you. I hope to get rid of most of it--the prices we're putting on things are meant to make them sell.
hmmmm...might need to take a ride to raymond...

We have a 5 year pile of- "for the garage sale" that never happens.

I wish I could be there for your's!!!

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