Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eight days since my last post--I've become a Bad Blogger. Things have been very busy here, with decent weather for outdoor work dominating. It all climaxed today with the delivery of two truckloads of top grade composted topsoil to fill the three garden terraces, and one truckload of a rich if heavy and earthy chicken manure-laced soil for the English garden area in front of the house.

The nurseryman we hired brought the soil loads in a conventional dump truck that dropped the loads in our parking area. He then brought the soil up the fairly steep hillside with this tractor, saving us from having to carry it up in heavy five gallon buckets.

With transfer shovels and metal rakes, Fritz and I got the soil distributed and graded.

Finished! The piles at the ends of the alleys between terraces are wood chips that will eventually cover the walkways.


From the BBC:

Carol Ann Duffy Becomes UK's First Openly Gay Poet Laureate

The UK has appointed Carol Ann Duffy as its first openly gay poet laureate. She is also the first woman to hold the post.

Duffy, who once said "no self-respecting poet" should have to write verses about the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II's youngest son, will be expected to produce poems for royal weddings, funerals and other state occasions. A witty and popular writer whose work is widely taught in British schools, Duffy is also the first openly gay laureate. Duffy said she had thought "long and hard" before accepting the job, which now has a 10-year term. "I look on it as a recognition of the great woman poets we have writing now," she told the BBC


One more thing--the beard's back.

Pardon me, but did you say CLIMAXED? Hehehe.
And you know very well what happens to bad bloggers.
The terraces came out very well. How soon do you plant? The beard looks great, that's a very handsome photo.
I am mad jealous. The garden plots look wonderful.
The beard looks good too but I am impartial and not objective towards whiskers.
This garden is going to look superb when its finished buddy! I was watching the news as Carol Ann became the poet Laureate. Good for her! I LOVE the beard! Keep the BEARD! BEARDS are good! Woofarama! I love the tatts too. I only have a small tribal one on my arm but I would like to get more soon. Hope you and Fritz are well :-)
A lot of bloggers I used to enjoy reading are in the process of transitioning to facebook and/or twitter but the entries are obviously less formed and concentrated. The tats make you look like a pomo Klingsor.
just for the record, it was 15 days and I was hoping you were OK...
H--you're right--I miscounted completely. No, I'm still here and it's all good.

Interglossa--I've gotten established on Facebook and I like it for the immediacy of contact, for the ease of finding former students, colleagues, etc., etc. But it doesn't replace a real diary/journal/blog. As for Twitter, that's one I'm not getting into under any circumstances.

A porno Klingsor--thank you very much for the compliment! :-)
congrats on your hard work! the gardener's mantra -work when the sun is shining!

beard (and the rest!) looks great!
Damnit. Must get in gear and get my next tattoo! I'm falling way behind the average gay!
Nine--hey, mister, I'm not just your average gay! :-)
This is zany Will...I just order 10yards of top soil & I am getting a new tattoo todat at 6:30pm.
I love you ink & you are looking very sexy!
Have a great weekend.
See you on facebook,
& those beds are awsome...I can't wait to see them planted.
Actually I wrote po-mo as in post-modern, although the 'porno' reading is worthy of Lacan. Reading your original post must have evoked some subliminal something about the magic garden and its primary use...
InterG--I'm so used to the r and the n combining on my screen to look like an m that I just assumed that porno was the word--and you left out the hyphen, which REALLY made it look like porno.

Anyway, whether a porno or a po-mo Klingsor, I still feel complimented.
That's some serious gardening toys you've got there, Will. Can't wait to see what you two grow this summer!

We have about 10,000 strawberries that'll be ripe in a few more days, and lots of lettuce so far.
Morning, Will,

Just wanting to say hello.

Loving the beard!

Thanks for making the self-photograph. I'm very much interested in that genre, even to the point of trying to acquaint (in the abstract) myself with the several modes of taking self-photographs & to fathom which one of the several was used in a give amateur photograph coming my way.
Anyhow, I've forwarded yours to Digitized Dick, whose faithful follower am I. The mise-en-scène, the room, I mean, wherein the photograph, is lovely.

I've been appreciating your comments from time to time on my blog entries.

Your ink is of course 2 die 4, & I'm planning on posting this photograph at the first convenient opportunity.

Ciao pour niao.
Yay, another photo of you, not quite the same as your childhood photo, but different genre! :-)

Nice tats!! How many do you have?? Oh and those pictures in the background. Love them!
Wowzers! I didn't know you're that into photography 'til I saw all those sidelinks. I will definitely have a looksie!

I'm trying to have a go at it as my 'career'. Oy, wish me luck! :-)
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