Friday, April 10, 2009

We're leaving in an hour for and will be back in a week. If I can get on line at any point along the way, I will. If not, the next post will be on Friday the 17th.

I'll leave you with this encouraging news about the upcoming same-sex marriage deliberations in New York state, from OurSceneTV, a gay media site on the web:

Articles and Headlines
Hope Shines Bright at The Center's Annual Dinner

Only days following
Senator Chuck Schumer's revelatory decision to support gay marriage and call for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, the LGBT Community celebrated at The Center's Annual Dinner. It was certainly a night to revel in New York City. The milestone event was hosted by Ugly Betty's Michael Urie, and featured a riveting performance by musical sensation, Matt Alber. The event paid tribute to the Center's previous Executive Director of 22 years, Richard Burns. The Hammerstein Ballroom was aglow with luminaries from the LGBT world, and straight allies alike, including Mayor Michael J. Bloomberg, and New York City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn.

Setting a tone of great hope and considerable achievement, during his speech acknowledging Richard Burns, Mayor Bloomberg reaffirmed his longstanding alignment with the LGBT Community, promising his support for a New York State marriage equality bill.

This is, of course gilt-edged support for marriage equality in one of the most influential states in this country.

have a good & safe trip, Will & Fritz!
i look forward to hearing about your week!
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