Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We're in Greensboro, NC and back in the clouds and rain, our one day of brilliant weather in D.C. but a pleasant memory.

I'm hoping this will post properly as the computer that's available is an ancient iMac that runs a version of Netscape not seen since the early days of the Bush presidency--the FIRST Bush, that is. At least five people in surrounding units have WiFi that I can see on my MacBook but cannot join because I don't have the passwords. Hotmail and Facebook are not handled well--or at all--by this level of Netscape either, so I'm feeling more than a little isolated. Lordy, whatever did we DO before the age of advanced electronic communication?

Fortunately there's a Korean grocery just a bit up the street that looks to be worth investigating. Fritz is off with his sister to give a program on brain exercises, so I'm amusing myself for a while. (I know what you're thinking, guys and that's not it. At least not yet.)

Last night the Cafe Europa in downtown Greensboro was a real find. Daube Provencale was a long-cooked lamb and vegetables in white wine dish that came with a virtually perfect baguette for sopping the generous amount of rich gravy. The accompanying "small" house salad was a vast mound of greens, tomato, cucumber, chopped walnuts and other delights that would have been a whole lunch under other circumstances. A delightful way to spend our first night here.

A couple of personal notes:
Richard, I can see that you've written me but cannot open your message. I'm hoping for a real connection when we reach Norfolk.

Doug, when you're up in NH with us, we should have time to visit the sand pits in the area before we take you back to the plane Monday morning, so bring any special specimen-gathering gear you might need.

Did you say BUSH?? Hehehe....
And did you get to drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway at all? We were on it for a very few short miles near Asheville, NC...and loved it...especially this time of year with the blossoms.
Hope you boys enjoy your trip! Hope you had a good Easter too. :-)
We've been to Asheville--met one of Fritz's nephews there who does mokume, a beautiful Japanese-style metalwork, and arranged for him to make our wedding rings. It's a beautiful part of the state. But Greensboro is too far east.

Mark--thanks, buddy--hope you and Eiain had a lovely Easter, too.
Doug loves nothing more than to specimen gather, so you won't be dissapointed there.
Off in the wilds! I have to say I like hot and cold running civilization. Netscape? Really? Is this iMac still running OS 9?

Have a good time. Maybe you can tell me about it when you get back north.
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