Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter to Everyone!

Sunday morning and we woke up in Takoma Park, MD at the home of Fritz's nephew and his family. The trip down the coast was OK but accomplished mostly in heavy rain, not my favorite kind of driving.

We came down through Connecticut on the Wilbur Cross and Merritt Parkways. I love these old roads, famous for the fact that all the original bridges over them were designed individually, each one a unique art deco design. The Merritt in southwestern Connecticut, ironically one of the most heavily settled areas anywhere in the state, had many more deer and wild turkeys foraging for grass and other edibles on the sides of the roadway than I've ever seen before on one trip.

It's also turning into our Asian food tour--excellent Indian in Basking Ridge, NJ with my cousin and his wife on Friday, superb Burmese last night here in Tacoma Park, a delightful neighborhood of arts and crafts style bungalows and cottage houses, although there's a stucco Spanish-style house complete with interior courtyard in the next block that presents quite a distinctive profile within the general look.

The good news is that the rain is gone and the Easter morning sky is cloudless and brilliant. As I'm not religious (spiritual yes, religious definitely not) I don't take it as a great symbol, just as a welcome relief from the insistent cloud and rain that we've had for a week or more in New England and that followed us down the coast.

I agree. The sunshine sure is nice! Religious or not (and I'm not, either), have a happy Easter!
Glad you guys are safe and matter the day!
There is nothing like sunshine to make the day and the moods rosy!
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