Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Marx Gets His Night at the Opera

If this Marx is what you’re thinking:

It isn’t--try this:

Compiled by DAVE ITZKOFF
Published: March 19, 2009

Workers of the world, unite and sing! A Chinese director is preparing an operatic adaptation of “Das Kapital,” Karl Marx’s treatise on economics, capitalism and the alienation of labor, The Telegraph reported.

The production will borrow elements from Broadway and Las Vegas musicals, and will add a plot to Marx’s text, first published in 1867, about a business whose workers discover that they are being exploited. After embracing the theories of Marx, above, some of the workers rebel against their employer, while others turn to collective bargaining. According to The Telegraph, the opera’s director, He Nian, told the Chinese newspaper Wen Hui Bao, “The particular performance style we choose is not important, but Marx’s theories cannot be distorted.”

The opera is planned to open in Shanghai next year.

We are living in the end times.
I keep hearing the finale to the First Act of Miss Saigon:

This is the hour
This is our land
We found the power
In our brother's hand
And from a storm
Pierced with light
Fierce and white
The lightning came
A bright'ning flame
To end the night

One man to heed us -
Each girl, each boy
One voice to lead us
In a song of joy

This is the hour
This is our land

-- yup, I agree - end times. Expect a rain of toads at anytime.
I thought The Night at the Opera one of their best movies.
One of my professors once said whenever we are taking like too seriously, we should go watch a Marx Brothers Movie.
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