Friday, January 30, 2009


The Boston Globe featured this photo of the punk-country band Three Day Threshold today. Is it just me, or does it look like there's a rather interesting scenario working itself out here?


Small fanfare here! I have been given clearance by my elder daughter to inform all my friends and blog readers of the news she gave me on Thanksgiving morning, that on or about August the 1st, I will be a grandfather! She's doing very well and there's a lot of happiness around this coming event.


A friend sent this to Fritz this morning and he forwarded it immediately to me. Trust me, you WANT TO SEE THIS.
It's fun if a little slow at the beginning, BUT once there's the first mention of The Pact, don't let your eyes wander off the screen. It's hysterical.


It’s funny how sometimes you fall hard for some simple item and wind up using it all the time. Back during the years I was still living in Boston and Fritz and I were running a commuter relationship, he always used to say that if I died before he did, one thing he would want from my house more than anything else was a silly little wooden-handled spatula. It was my favorite kitchen utensil and I reached for it before anything else when I needed to move food around while cooking.

A year or so ago I was rooting around in the barn and came up with a
simple bowl with straight sponge-patterned sides. It isn’t stoneware, china or porcelain, but something my English grandmother would call a pudding basin and crockery--simple pottery of no pretension whatsoever. It had been used as a plant pot for a while, but I fell in love with it and very soon, so did he. We use it for everything—we bake in it, use it as a salad serving bowl for two, a mixing bowl and a vegetable bowl. And I never get tired of it.


The group from Laconia Technical College arrived Wednesday and the study began. The three students are not of normal college age but full adults who are looking for new or more advanced careers. They’d already seen plans of the house and were looking forward to seeing it in person.

We began giving them the tour, answering questions and explaining why certain choices had been made. Then they got down to business, beginning with a demonstration of their heat sensitive camera that shows hot and cold areas in a room visually and digitally reads the exact temperature of anything it’s pointed at, then takes pictures with a time stamp, temperatures and other information archived.

They set up the negative pressure gear in the front door and we turned off the two open flames we have in the house, the propane-fired flames in the Aga stove and the on-demand hot water boiler in the mechanical room.

Once they’d gotten the pressure down in the house they went around with the camera in search of places where cold air was infiltrating the house. In general the house is extremely tight, but we now know of one or two places that need some attention.

The rest of their time was spent establishing very accurately the exact square and cubic footage of the interior and recording data. They’ll be back again in about a month at which time I’ll sit with them and go over the construction records to introduce all the “green” materials that were used in the house.

Great post as always. When you say, "Thrust me, you WANT TO SEE THIS." (I did), were you still thinking about that trombone player?
For what it's worth, I know the guys in 3DT, and most of the innuendo is unintentional. Though, all concerned do laugh about it and get teased mercilessly.
Congrats on the baby news!! You'll be an awesome grandpa!
Gay Grandpas and the Men Who Love Them ... on the next Tyra Banks show!

what splendid news! imagine you are busting your shirt buttons!
Congratulations to you and your daughter!
d'oh, yes, I want to add my congratulations to the chorus -- sorry, I was so amused by the great typo and picture that that very important detail got lost. please keep us posted as -er- things develop!
Love the crockery. Love the porn punk band shot. Love the green material use. And congrats on the gramps gig!
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